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Driving self-service network to learn to drive landed in Guangzhou to increase
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Recently, one of Guangzhou, Guangzhou, eight AAA Driving School Carr officially launched the network fast Driving, launched the "door entry, individual learn to drive, full transfer" mode to learn to drive innovation. Driving school car only visit the official website to complete the application to learn to drive the whole process to get permits. Reporter learned that the company launched the "Network Driving" provides one-stop shop to learn to drive mode, visit the official website can register online to understand the training venues, coaches, teaching condition of the vehicles; curriculum, syllabus, course offer online banking to pay the full not learn to drive customers to complete application procedures; already registered students, online courses conducted a simulation test of theoretical knowledge to practice, enter the student number and ID number, you can check the progress of their own to learn to drive, what to do next to prepare the next test subjects The specific timing and precautions; online set time online customer service can answer the doubts of students, trainees so that trainees can receive mail from the driving school a letter, greeting, notifications, etc.. "Internet driving school, learn to drive compared to the traditional way to apply, convenient, but also more money, learn to drive the process completely transparent." Canton Carl Xun relevant responsible person said, this "self" also makes the driving school to learn to drive the cost of decreased in admission, no need to set up too many entry points, saving the store rent, will not need to employ resident staff. Cost savings means that the cost to learn to drive, the driving school to further encroach upon. 7 to learn to drive "packages" to learn to drive the most expensive full fee 4980 yuan, 3880 yuan cheapest. The company's network of journalists in driving school learned that consumers can register online to choose according to their needs to learn to drive their own pay packages, and then pay tuition online, you can complete the application, the company that is organizing the links with the students who learn to drive , about 6 months or so finished the full course.