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Online Driving School Guangzhou first new model will be popular on-line
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Online shopping is much more to see, point the mouse can learn driving? Yesterday, Guangzhou's first "online driving school" formally launched. Shi Jiaowei relevant responsible person said, with the "network consumption" deepening people's lives, "online driving school" will be gradually popularized. Go to driving school enrollment, and then passively waiting notification to the theory driving school examination. If the coach is busy, you may learn the day, not half an hour Lianju opportunity to ... ... This is the experience of many people learn to drive. Now, you can complete the online application, theory test, booking coaches, etc. In addition to the actual operation of all learn to drive outside the process. "Test the water" the first driving school online learning is Karl fast driving training schools. Log has been on the line press Wang Xiao found that students who reported his name as long as the input number and ID number to learn, you can enter the learning interface. It is understood that "online driving school" is preparing to set up more new features, including real list of examination venues, the actual operation of the vehicle's teaching videos. In addition, the "online teachers" more students can be ready to answer the doubts. The school said, "the network to solve a lot of human cost, so register online to learn to drive himself to school enrollment ratio, 5% discount in tuition fees will be." "This is the first online driving school in Guangzhou, in the future, this model will become a fashion", the press conference, Shi Jiaowei relevant responsible person said, to encourage the development of self-service online driving school.