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Huangpu District Guangzhou City: Kuangou Driving instructor in the series but
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Because the grievances of the coach cars blocking road flame, Huangpu District, Guangzhou City Government held a work permit driving school instructor for the men Lei Shao Yi while Kuangou area, resulting in bleeding so badly, after the batterer to produce documents and call themselves "civil servants" Trying to use 2,000 compounding rejected (see newspaper reported yesterday.) Yesterday afternoon, a reporter from the Southern Shao-Yi injured area where the driving school instructor was informed by the incident after the disclosure by the Southern press, Huangpu District, where the leaders that went to the hospital to visit the injured and condolences to the injured. The hands hit the "public Service, "Zhang Lei himself to the hospital to apologize to the injured, and ultimately signed" order the settlement agreement, "the batterer to continue to accept the Huangpu District for investigation. Huangpu District to the south are in the written response to reporters said, beating incident, the Huangpu District Commission for Discipline Inspection in the investigation, once verified, the batterer Zhang Lei, 29 years old, the political landscape, the people. After 2006, recruitment into the yellow open Po District Sports Venue Management Centre, is undertaking the preparation of workers in the book, but not civil servants. "There is career preparation, but it does not a civil servant." Huangpu district publicity department, a staff member surnamed Long have reporters in response to the South, said Zhang Lei batterer to accept the relevant departments in the investigation, denied that he had been hit Driving instructor self-proclaimed "civil service", but he admitted the police's request, presented to the coach, had beaten his work permit. Southern Reporter injured in the dispatch call the driving school instructor area before Shao Yi, answered the phone was a woman claiming to be their relatives. The woman said the night of the incident, the batterer to pay 2,000 yuan Zhang Lei in the basis and added Part of the cost. The two sides finally signed a "law and order settlement agreement." And they expressed satisfaction on the results, at present, the basic stability of the injury victim.