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Driving the story of the ups and downs of four families to learn to drive
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To open the car, the money is not the most important, the most important is to have a driver's license, and driving school to learn and obtain a driver's license is the main channel. Moreover, we also believe that the vast majority of owners are the driving school a memorable learning experience, and one taste is different. Today, let us taste together the four "heroes" of the ups and downs ... ... All my fault Since the application has been driving test, the total feeling is a cumbersome, there is no vacation time, the use of Saturday and Sunday, getting up late and sacrifice their own leisure time. Now a holiday, but also Shoubu Zhu Ye He Lonely hearts go out to travel far and wide, so the driving test to become a grind, every day for his wife complained against. Holiday, college students increased a lot, very little driving school coach cars, often with a coach or two ten students, so students Lianju to wait in line. My daily morning to evening, all the time was spent in driving school, and may be the most annoying is the only round of the day, three to four times, each time to practice up to five minutes. If the skill slowly, practice time a little bit longer, their eyes wide with students wandering round, although not pull you down, they themselves would take someone else for a little more time sorry. Today, a dozen students exam before the exam but also to a crash course, do not test them, I was involved as a "blind join in the fun." I was advised to go a non-formal venue for practice, few students there, I was with this intention, so I propose to coach up to the informal venue to practice. He coaches agreed, I asked what the procedures should not perform, he said: No, you say I let you go on the line. I am pleased to find the coach Zhao explained what he wanted. Zhao coach immediately said no, because he had not been brought to my notice. But my coach called to tell what he was angry and said: This is to provide ah, my car, when many people who tune into his car. He let the phone coach Zhao, Zhao initially less willing to take his coaching call, I said: all my colleagues, listen to explain it anyway. He also stressed the phone his reasons, the two NPC has betray posture. Seeing this, I immediately told Zhao coach: If you can not even, do not practice the two cars because I hurt your gas between colleagues, after all, seen the rise of bow you see every day, I still go. Zhao coach heard me say these words, immediately said: Actually no, you're here to practice it. I am pleased to Lianju go, I thought: they will not have trouble because I do it. After a child, Zhao coaches came over and I practice the command side, while I explain my reasons why not to receive, at last he said: I think you know best reason, be called your Lianju's. I said: Today is really my fault that I did not give you the real situation. He no longer say, began in earnest to teach me Lianju. The day I learn to drive since the longest day of practice. Driver's license test stammer eager to learn difficult Watching others are open on the car, I finally decided to test driver's license, so I turn in application fee of good procedures, Tuo Shuren chose an old coach. To the driving range after an acquaintance's sake because he "approved" before I was on the car theory test practice. I got on the coach looked at me standing outside the car. I wonder: He taught me the car is not ye? I asked him: "Coach, I'm ready, you can start to teach me." Eyes wide open head coach of a Young, said: "I, I'm ready, you open, open it. Take a look to see the back yet? called down pile, the car, poured into the rain. "That is right the struggling, that he is a stammer. I was surprised and asked: "Coach, must you let me drive on it! You tell me gnaw open it!" Tiger coach with a straight face: "launch, the car will not it? Really old, old hat!" This is not bullshit you ? Why would I come to him? Coach stammered very impatiently to me about it again. In fact, only launched, with the clutch block the advance and retreat, he stuttered a half hours on the elderly. Looked at his face in the sweat, and saliva has long been sprayed my face, I see, because he stuttered, so only basic operations without having to first explain the procedure. Do not make life difficult for people, the old coach to speak is not easy, trust relationships can be considered to find his fate was. I dare to put up block, loose clutch. I never thought I hung the forward gears, the car suddenly jumped out and scared me and I quickly hit the brakes. Then came the coach's big condemning the back: "You idiot! Allows you to back you you you move forward, look at my shoes, pressure, pressure rotten!" I put my head out the window, and saw his shoes change become authentic, "Crocodile" brand, has opened his mouth twisted to one side of the head. "Thanks, I flash quickly, do not, then set the toe out!" Coach call violently, "crocodiles" run. Said, I quickly hung up the reverse gear, slowly backwards. However, the unexpected happened again. Upside down backwards, I feel as though I turn to a moment or so regardless. I played against the steering wheel is the car in one go to children rolling pole pieces. I saw coach crazy leap out in general, a Jiuxia I opened the door, then shouted: "seen the stupid, not never seen you so stupid it! A pole twenty-two twenty bucks, you dig it! For change of people, the next one! "scratching my head, my brain some fameng:" Coach, how much the pole in the end? so many 'b'? "The coach thought I was sarcastic he stammered, face livid with anger. He held out two fingers and shook in my face before. I obediently handed him twenty dollars out, helplessly watching other students got on. Place stood for a moment, I Hui Guoshen children to, or leave it, Do not attract annoying. I'm afraid this can make him go get me in a fit of anger, to shy to say: "teach, coach, I go first." Coach looked daggers at me: "No, rude things, Get out of here ! finished theory, and then rolling back go away! "in a fit of laughter, I walked quickly out of the venue. Had not gone far, behind her coach's yelling: "Wait, it has the money and my shoes did not lose! One hundred and fifty!" Turned around, the coach has to pick up the bike riding to catch up . Look at my memory, forget these things! Edge gave him money, while looking at his bad shoes, the more clearly amused. See I've been staring at the shoes coach, said: "If you think want to take, I take off, off to you, so do not, good for nothing real rare!" I quickly smile apologetically said no. Looked at his back, and I spat, said: "Coach is really is a tiger, see, have seen evil, never seen such evil, evil!" Khan! My car did not learn was the first to learn to stutter, and this loss of three thousand dollars well spent! Anecdotes to learn to drive Great Song neighbors off at home, did not spare the time to find the old work, I signed up to go see his wife learn to drive, they took out years of savings ruthless determination, Jilisongyong Great Song and I all the way to go, said the idea to be learned to drive back and then the whole vehicles old "taxi", whatever the outcome, have taken live stem count. Great Song Tiansheng timid. Because the timid, the factory became known as "henpecked" of the Lord. Although in the past in the factory can be considered a "technician", but that just Fuzaizhuoshang drawing drawings only, when the real direct contact with the little machine. To him to learn to drive, some guilty of Song would have to be my wife spoke up, they had to bite the bullet and go along with the driving school I signed up. Surprisingly, the first day of cars, the Song dynasty to the trainees in the sudden, a big joke. That day, the master taught us how the vehicle ignition off, turn to the Song dynasty test, the butt just to sit behind the wheel, car keys of Song holds the hand that had been disappointing start to the first shake up. Master saw, said: "Master sat on top, afraid of fear? Shake shake what?" Said pinching his hand to helping hard a turn. Car with a large Song really do not shake hands. Master and holds his hand to help him put up blocking off repeatedly shouting, can Lianhan a few times also have not seen any movement of vehicles, the master looked down and did not shake the hand of the Song dynasty, and may lose control of a pair of legs that two hours, shaking his pants as in fan too! Master angry toss of the door, rough voice repeatedly whooped with "substitutions! Substitutions!" A car all the students laughed out of breath. Master of teaching staff was very tough, to let everyone quickly grasp and remember the correct operating procedures, established an unwritten rule, that is talked about elements of practice, the participants in the operation went wrong, he immediately stopped, no get off to fine you to discuss substitutions, and made us all nervous Yishang Ju, results, "Stop! do not think a mistake?" "Oh! and wrong." "How do wrong?" "Substitutions!" We learn to drive during a time became the most frequently used to hear a few words, so that whenever they hear someone ask "how do wrong?" Flew to the mouth was then shouting "substitutions!" Great Song is Daoda Mei, as timid, and often not fiddle with a few on the train to fiddle with the wrong master was halted all day long to answer "wrong", "for people. " Great Song gifted with a pale-faced scholar face all tanned guys Lianju he is the only one usual scrub. Can have a go Lianju, everyone suddenly found the net in the face of Song pale, I do not know when will it actually has a few more bright scratches. Asked about the origins of scratches, the Song dynasty to Shouyi Bai, said: "Hey, stop! Are 'Substitution' to blame!" It turned out yesterday, suffered a master of Song of training, the evening also kept thinking about what to learn to drive during the day and where wrong, what essentials do not remember, I kept thinking, when he heard his wife call him in the kitchen delivery things, the Song dynasty would absently grabbed things to hand it over, his wife a look, not right! Said, "made a mistake yet?" Great Song for a wrong, "how do wrong?" Moment of Song is not recovered, then to mouth the words, "substitutions!" His wife a "good! I good intentions for you to learn to drive, your car has not yet learned to think of substitutions in the. that terrible? "Then put down the things that go out into the open claws net of Song pale face towards me ... ... Great Song finished soon, suddenly took a car all the people laughing off their feet. Pour the pole shift library Preceding days, I reported the name of a driving school, host C the Jiazheng. Before I was a "vehicle blind", not tell the clutch, throttle, brakes, even not talk ignition, started the shift. Therefore, the learn to drive, I was excited exception, holding its strength as a stomach, trying to lay a solid foundation, the technology Xuedao Shou. Yard day in practice, the coach next to us on the train, counting laps along the square channel. Finally my turn, sit, hold the steering wheel, listening to coach, shouting "hit the clutch, hang a block," I put doubts in the eyes toward him - nice, where is the clutch? What is the bumper? Understand, the result of the clutch loose quickly and took the whole car was off the fire. Ran forward in the heart of natural excitement, can be in the corner, hit the steering wheel but no accurate, almost into the next crop, prompting coach shouted: "Editor's Note? Stupid!" Despite a lap down, my hair kept, hand sweating, feeling not find that the coach was in no way accommodating to let me off, substitutions on the grounds that: "Science does not learn the way sports car does not matter, the key is to learn down rod transfer library, or you do not test the past, can not receive certificates. " Soon, we will be moving library received a shot down field - six concrete barrier inserted a pole of each child, a character asks a few lines around the garage into two analog style. Requested the car back in, moved to another garage, went out, and then pour them back ... ... it needs to turn N times, N, shift, N, brakes, N, twisting his neck to look back ... ... this live is fine, too difficult, practice all day, I could not even move a library did not succeed. I can look at a successful, ears have heard the coach snapped, fell to arouse my determination. I use the Internet, the search bar others moved down the lessons learned database, such as how to use the semi-linkage, when the direction of play and how to ... ... are all killed round record silently by heart. Not talk, this technique really works, I gradually found him feel, the success rate has improved significantly. Finally take the exam, the inverted pole shift library, although I did not succeed the first time, but the make-up finally passed. Examiner for signature under the car, I found the net in the hands sweat, stiff fingers cruelly that he was too nervous and too invested. Shift lever down in the exam database, and together we learn bikers, only half qualified, do not pass many of the people driving them, "Lao Bashi." Yesterday, I helped a neighbor reversing into the library, a quasi-one down, he repeatedly won praise. But I drove on the road with him, he did not dare let me drive spade, and shouted: "You Editor's Note? Zehui subtraction multiplication and division is not it!" I am dizzy.