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Guangzhou Driving Eleventh holiday surge in the number of learner drivers into f
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"Eleventh" many people in addition to holiday travel, the will choose to stay in Guangzhou "charge" more Tim skill. Reporter holiday visit to find the city's major driving school for the public's demand to have introduced various types of Learn to drive the price incentives to spend less on average 500 yuan, while the number of people learn to drive than the usual surge of about 4 percent or so. Many studies which suffer from daily busy white-collar workers and students can not withdraw brother, also took the opportunity to seize the time to learn to drive fun. Save time for Golden Week to learn to drive "Busy no time on weekdays, a long vacation this year, can be used to learn to drive just friends." "Golden Week" has just begun, the Civil Service Lam would take the subway every day, came to the University near the city since the beginning of a driving school Own career to learn to drive. He told reporters yesterday, just a few days to have completed the course on weekdays a month to complete, the actual is to save time. At present, the Chinese University, Guangdong Commercial College, Jinan University and the University City near the driving school are equipped with comprehensive training field, driving school students to Costa Rica has also become a new profit growth point. Reporter visited the city for several days some of the high School to find that some of dining hall on campus have opened the door to learn to drive the National Day Golden Week special discount registration table. At the scene, many students have flocked to see the consultation after the application. Other places in the school, the reporter also saw a A lot of officers in schools to the students learn to drive distributing leaflets. Studies as early as late school "Now the car has become a basic skill, anyway, after use, as early as late science learning. Moreover, the pressure is not too much junior to learn, if you do not learn to drive while driving test now, after such a long time after working hard to make To specifically learn to drive between. "Guangdong Business School junior journalism students Pan Guangpei holiday in about November, said the reason to learn to drive, and now happens to be National Day holiday, the full cost of test C1 license only 3,600 yuan, you can pay 500 less than usual Yuan, and National Day can also be flexible after their own time to learn, and will not affect their learning. Therefore, their savings before the summer part time out down more than four thousand yuan to learn to drive.