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Capital old people learns a car to drop in temperature considerably exam difficu
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Study of Beijing old people drives the trend that the car presents to drop continuously. Beijing hands in the number that provides bureau car to be in charge of place 11 days to offer to show, before this year 9 months, whole town shares old people of 1240 60 years old of above to sign up learn a car, than last year the 1770 people of the corresponding period drop 530 people, drop extent is close 30% .

Roll out according to the Ministry of Public Security civilian measure, since September 1, 2003, take an examination of the age limitation that gets a driver's license to relax, upper limit by the remit to of 60 one full year of life in the past 70 one full year of life. Of more than 70 one full year of life, annual careful check driver's license, undertake the body is checked, those who accord with a condition can continue to drive. After this is jumped over as illicit home Che Yue much, the enthusiasm that old people study drives for a time very rising. At the beginning of last year, the reporter is driven in capital north outskirt school when interviewing, coach field everywhere sees the full head silver hair, old people that be over sixty years old start in the exercise jockey, knead a library, back a car wait for basic knowledge. A coach discloses, although some old people take an exam 34 times to was not passed continuously still do not decrease enthusiasticly.

But, from last year second half of the year lasts to now all the time, old people learns to begin enthusiasticly of the car to drop apparently. Haidian drives morning of officer president Zhang Yan to say, old people signs up now learn a car really less and less, in a few dimensions bigger drive in school, still can see a few senile student from time to time; And a few drive in a small way school, sign up without old people at all learn a car.

Nowadays society is aged the trend is clearer and clearer, the citizen buys car enthusiasm and did not drop, why does old people learn a car to turn by heat cold? Zhang Yan morning analyses a reason to have many sided, but the mainest is to drive school exam difficulty to increase, and harm compensation specified amount spends the about traffic accident person after new friend law was carried out on May 1 last year to increase quickly. These two reasons were brought about directly quite the old people that condition of one part body, economy condition permits is right learn a car somewhat apprehension. After all old people movement coordinates a gender a few poorer, response is a few slower also. Now, motor vehicle drives the difficulty of the exam increases apparently than in the past, the exam of a lot of projects is computer operation completely, old people is inferior to a youth apparently in this respect, the proportion that because be passed this,takes an exam is very small.

The reporter interviewed a few 11 days to look randomly in some dweller village very be good at bright the old person is right the view that learns a car. Most old person thinks, the age that learns a car namely relaxes again, they also did not plan to learn. "Children people can drive, we took a car to go. " " besides, now traffic accident one compensate is hundred thousands of, old people reaction is compared originally slow, once produce an accident, nine times out of ten is the responsibility of old people, who dare learn a car? Who dare learn a car??
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