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Capital " heat learning a car " drop in temperature drive school tuition to drop
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Crowd of of the right age is taken basically " this " assault learns car height to already passed " heat learning a car " drop in temperature with photograph of the corresponding period compared those who lasted 3 years two last year " heat learning a car " drop in temperature somewhat this year, it is normal to reside what do not fall high to learn fare to also begin regression. Yesterday, the reporter drives school place signing up to understand greatly each from the capital, current, drive school tuition general and inferior, quote 3200 yuan are controlled on average, than last year the corresponding period drops about 1000 yuan, fall amount to two into many. Number signing up is a lot of juniorer than going also, "It is difficult to restrict a car " the circumstance gets alleviating.

   Tuitional relatively fell on average last year nearly 1000 yuan

As we have learned, at present Long Quan drives week of officer general mulberry to come week of 5 tuition only 2580 yuan, other charge amount also is less than 3000 yuan, with right now price was compared 4262 yuan last year, fell 1000 multivariate. A few name are not quite big drive school tuition lower, if big treasure is driven school drive the preferential price that gave to learn small passenger car 2560 yuan to drive; Ambitious drove school tuition to drop than last year 800 yuan, quote 2700 yuan.

The reporter drives school place signing up to understand from each, be worth the good season that learns a car right now, air temperature is appropriate. Nevertheless, after the student that experienced summer vacation learns Che Chao, newspaper celebrity number is relatively a lot of less now. Long Quan drives an abundant young lady of school place signing up to tell a reporter, the height this year appears in spring, after this learns car number to decrease stage by stage. According to introducing, long Quan is driven school day of summer vacation time all added student newly last year 20 much people, be less than 10 people this year, dropped the half is much still. Haidian is driven school the recruit students quota of people of every month also is compared this year the corresponding period wanted last year little hundreds of.

Difficult problem agreement a car also gets alleviating subsequently. The reporter understands in interview, almost all drive the staff member of school to express, arrived to be able to restrict a car almost now.

   A few big reasons are brought about drive school student to decrease

To learning reason of car number reductive, the personage inside course of study thinks, a main reason was last year the country revised a driver to examine a system, stem from the psychology that afraid exam becomes difficult, many people are grabbed before new system is carried out assault learns a car, headed a peak thereby year, make annual Beijing area signed up last year number learning a car is achieved 40 much.

In addition, many a few this years driving school the main battlefield that regards contention as the school, adopted many price privilege policy in the light of the student, because the student of this of the right age basically already was become,have this a group of things with common features. Beijing circumjacent city learns car charge to compare Beijing apparently low, this may bring about one part person to select more cheap site learning a car.
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