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Beijing high intelligence quotient " take an examination of an official " monito
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"Beijing has 300 student to took an examination of a system to have an examination with newest electronic road, percent of pass can be achieved 70% , percent of pass follows previously need not when new electron road studies a system about the same. " after electronic road takes an examination of the message that the system should upgrade to announce, the friend that prepares to learn a car pays close attention to very much, does the invigilate competence that new way studies a system have many after all brillant? Is the Lukaohui henceforth sadder? Recently, the Beijing sea car that the reporter will come to already installed this to cover a system runs place, high to this intelligence quotient " take an examination of an official " had seek by inquiry.

   New way takes an examination of try out to already had a year

New electronic way is taken an examination of the system is in charge of an installation in Beijing sea car and try out has had 1 year. This system by " advocate accuse room " and " Che Zailu studies a system " two parts are formed. Current, beijing sea shared 3 cars to install new way to study a system inside exam field.

Beijing sea car is in charge of a Zhang Jianming's assistant director to tell a reporter: "New way takes an examination of systematic value not to poor -- , advocate accuse indoor facilities to need 2 million yuan, the car on every car carries systematic equipment to need 70 thousand yuan, this price compares a Fu Kang take an examination ofing to try Che Dougui! This price compares a Fu Kang take an examination ofing to try Che Dougui!!

   Exam getting on a car should press fingerprint first

"Advocate accuse room " in the monitoring office that is set in exam field, 12 screen on TV wall can broadcast picture of the exam of each projects in exam field, exercise in real time.

Of place of canal of Beijing sea car poplar group leader introduction: "The student that uses new system to attend a road to take an examination of is being taken an examination of before today, should arrive first advocate accuse fingerprint is pressed in the room, after the fingerprint data of student of all need checking inputs a system, computer can allocate an exam randomly car and take an examination of an official. After the car on student, the first thing still presses fingerprint, confirm the identity with this, avoid to replace one's deceased father. Avoid to replace one's deceased father..

Student presses fingerprint hind on exam car, installation is in deputy driver's seat the archives message that the Che Zailu in front inspects liquid crystal screen of the system to be able to show student. After this, the meeting that take an examination of an official asks " ready, can you begin? " student replies " can " hind, take an examination of an official to be able to press on the right side of screen " begin " pushbutton. If be in exam process,do not appear accident, this will be the only that takes an examination of an official to say to student on board a word.
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