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Before Beijing 5 months add motor vehicle driver newly 118 thousand person
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This morning at 9 o'clock, the reporter will be located in oriental cherry east the site of travel of a labour near the street, seek advice to whether can get peony traffic card with the identity of new driver. The staff member that be on duty tells a reporter, still cannot get at present, the peony traffic that the reason is this site gets stuck already " stop money " .

Subsequently, the reporter sends center of customer service of electrical engineering travel 95588. 175 staff members confirm, site of labour travel great majority revealed peony traffic to get stuck " stop money " phenomenon. This staff member expresses, "Stop money " because get the person of card,the reason is more, original card already was sent.

This morning, zhang Ke of division of conduct propaganda of branch of labour travel Beijing is long when accepting a reporter to interview, say, at present partial bank site appeared really peony gets stuck " stop money " circumstance,

This attributes the problem that interior allocates. Labour is strengthening the adjusting control that in-house peony traffic blocks all right, make the allocation of its amount more reasonable, force protects every site to be satisfied supply.

Zhang Ke is long think, because add driver amount newly to jump,do not eliminate, cause peony to get stuck " demand exceeds supply " situation.

Zhang Ke grows a proposal, before the citizen is getting peony traffic to get stuck, had better dial customer service hot line first, enquire which bank site has " goods " , lest run,treat unjustly a road.

The express is chased after visit

Add a driver newly everyday 800 did not take peony card to punish 100

The reporter understands from the branch that make a valve today, before this year 5 months, this city adds motor vehicle driver newly in all 118 thousand person, add motor vehicle driver newly on average everyday nearly 800 people.

Haidian drives the staff member of school to tell a reporter, new driver is gotten drive this hind, had better be in 2 months go to a bank getting peony traffic to get stuck.

And the circumstance that blocks tentative be in short supply to peony of partial bank site, the branch that make a valve states they do not understand this business, because peony gets stuck from make extending is the bank is in charge of.

If driver start off did not carry peony card, the basis applies first year after year today " Beijing is carried out < law of safety of transportation of road of People's Republic of China > method " regulation, of the motor vehicle driver's license that this city nucleus sends hold drive person, start off travel was not carried drive person message gets stuck (namely peony traffic gets stuck) , be in 100 yuan of amerce.