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Beijing road takes an examination of supervisory system of computer whole course
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"We are upgrading the road checks an order, student is all when the road is taken an examination of by computer monitoring. " yesterday, car of the bureau that make a valve is in charge of place to hold a press conference technically, introduced them to be serve common people better, roll out a series of civilian measure.

On the news briefing yesterday, the car is in charge of a Li Changzheng's director to divulge, on car of the following exam, will contain computer equipment, from student the car begins, equipment was started. Whole exam process, will be come down by the record, student should give small error only, on a when can be gotten on to the car by feedback indication screen, student can see at any time. "Small can be discovered to the mistake of the safety belt that do not have a department. " Li Suo is long say, "The equipment on the car has inductor, had been in for instance when well lid, car make friends was built to the well, immediately can the induction arrives, feedback student. Feedback student..

The reporter understands, at present monitoring road takes an examination of computer whole course to running a test in Beijing sea car, "After the error rate that eliminates new program, will take an examination of examination hall to popularize each in whole town. To moment, the likelihood has certain effect to student. " Li Suo is long express, the program after upgrading, the influence that put an end to factitious element completely, whole journey is decided automatically by the computer, assured the benefit of student.

While the road takes an examination of a program to upgrade, the reporter understands, since July 1, the car is in charge of place to still took an examination of appearance equipment to undertake updating to picket, close ground of picket examination room, avoided the coach when student takes an exam before to be in what direct a phenomenon aside to happen.

"Road take an examination ofing upgrades the program is after whole town promotion, 3 exams that the driver takes an exam brought into the computer to take an exam entirely. " Li Changzheng says.

Other civilian measure still includes, shorten on card time, open differentiate holiday training to wait. Be worth what carry is, motor vehicle of the Ministry of Public Security of car canal place / drives while person whole nation unites edition computer to manage a system to upgrade, adjust in-house work flow immediately, will check with system of information of motor vehicle of entrance of the Ministry of Public Security deal with than putting the window to the job, rose to handle affairs efficiency, make import the card on motor vehicle to be shortened by 3 days of in the past the form does inside the day.

Yesterday, the reporter will to the car be in charge of a hall of total place office, the person that although come,does procedure is very much, but in an orderly way. Be in 2 of office hall, the relevant section such as cost of car boat royalities, maintain a road, bank, insurance is here the spot handles official bussiness, the masses that makes do procedure does not give a building to be able to deal with the relevant formalities of car.
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