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Learn car little knowledge: Picket takes an examination of note and essentials
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2: According to car body, how much does receiving of cargo for storage hit annulus, car tendercy is right hit annulus, wind archives midpoint is opposite after right hind lever towards the left is answered annulus, rain is brushed implement, midpoint is right right before staff stops working, need not hit metempsychosis straight.

Delivery of cargo from storage:

Car head is left delivery of cargo from storage of the lever before horny comparing is left, zun Jiao and coincide of 7 meters of lines, towards the left is slow hit annulus, after beating dead 2 seconds put circuit, crural equipment brake, answer round of car last rounds to jockey continuously.

Pour a library:

Hang reverse gear, the car goes continuously, left hind door fenestella is right in lever towards the left hits round of pole in wrapping, in the center lever and right hind not coincide distance differs when about 20 centimeter, towards the left beats dead annulus, car receiving of cargo for storage, hind wind archives different point and right hind round of 2 circle hands are answered to grasp when lever closes just hold steering wheel at 12 o'clock first to undertake adjustment among two seats.

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