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The elementary main points that back a car
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A lot of friend cars leave very smoothly, but, once encounter,back a car to be met hurry-scurry, be at a loss what to do. See in regular meeting of parking lot classics some people have others command car to also do not take a car awkward phenomenon. So how should we back a car?
Enter a parking lot to jockey, above all, want range estimation car width, from the back have fraise, two side have car place, whether does length accord with oneself model. Look in the evening after had better not coming down to observe exact position when Qing Dynasty, fall again.
When backing a car, choose as far as possible from left enter (the) below the case that permits in the condition. Left facilitate back a car person observation, backing a car in the process, should look first from the back, notice the rearview mirror of two side again next. The transverse distance on the right side of should be compared somes big lefter. Because of front-wheel drive turn curved radius of the cycle after radius is compared is big, head of the car when backing a car can be swung outwards, carelessly this is nodded on the right side of very easy scratch. The speed in backing a car with idle fast give priority to, amend automobile body in time. Of every car consult the point is different, the turn that makes way is different, here not treat as the same.
Meet sometimes shoulder of along the road jockeys point-blank, often want to already parked the position between good two cars. This kind backs a car difficulty is great, best somebody is in directing aside. fashionable the transverse space that wants attention and photograph adjacent car. See from inside rearview mirror car end arrives quickly when road shoulder make way quickly sufficient, wait for automobile body to hastening a direction, when backing a car, did not forget to be apart from with the car from the back. Hold bad car to be apart from come down to look to fall again. Backing a car the career that way makes in the process wants fast, so that put automobile body in short time. Sometimes ongoing, retrogression may put frame-up automobile body, need relapses for many times to just can have parked the car.
When backing a car, face towards car head the line of sight widens the place that has whirly space again to observe dynamic person or car in order to facilitate as far as possible. The place that does not allow to back a car in traffic regulation backs a car in case accident.