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Drive skill: Urban road drives skill and contraindication
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1.Urban road drives skill

When the travel on the driveway that 1) car does not divide in speed, driver must abide by chapter is abide by the law, implement the regulation that keep to the right seriously, each its. Kind of case is divided in speed driveway travel, it is the line that turning graticule without lacquer (if the path is wide at or when be equal to 14m, criterion each 3.5m is two side blame motor-driven driveway, the others road surface for motor vehicle, if the path is wide,be less than 14m but be more than or be equal to 10m, criterion the 7m of be placed in the middle for motor vehicle, two side have the road surface of 1.5m to to be not motor vehicle each at least; If the path is wide,be less than 10m but be more than or be equal to 6m, criterion road surface of two side 1.5m to be not motor vehicle, the others road surface for motor vehicle) when travel, motor vehicle is general be placed in the middle slants right travel, blame motor vehicle leans way closely on the right side of travel. If wait for a circumstance because of car of overtake, meeting, must take up when the travel course of his car, press a regulation to must let have the car go ahead of the rest of wayleave. 2 be delimiting only the way that has central line (when the travel on graph 3-1) , motor vehicle should rely on central line on the right side of travel, blame motor vehicle relies on road right travel.

2) car is in two kinds of driveway (delimit organic motor-car path and blame motor vehicle namely, successive solid line is white driveway center line, delimit in way fore-and-aft cent becomes two parts among viatic, solved the problem that car come-and-go course does not divide thereby. Discontinuous line is white driveway lane line, in order to is divisional driveway, the driveway that relies on central line a side is motor-driven driveway, offer motor vehicle travel; The dispute motor vehicle on the right side of motor-driven driveway, for be not motor vehicle travel, when the travel on 3-2) seeing a picture, according to each principle that its, motor vehicle and blame motor vehicle enjoy wayleave inside respective driveway respectively, all sorts of car must advance orderly inside formulary driveway. Connecting general reason condition to fall, do not allow car to cross central line or line ball travel. If borrow travel because of reason, forbid to hamper this driveway is normal the car of travel. When car crosses pedestrian crosswalk, must not hamper the pedestrian that has right of go ahead of the rest passes through.

3) car is in 3 kinds of driveway (delimit namely small-sized and fast lane, large load driveway and blame motor vehicle, if graph 3-3 place is shown) go up when sailing, motor vehicle, blame motor vehicle allows the travel inside the driveway in the regulation only, forbid to cross line or line ball travel. Delimit have place of maize solid line, express forbidden car to the line changes lane or jump over line overtake more.

4) car should control travelling speed when the travel in the city. The highest speed per hour that at present urban traffic regulation sets, make for the economic rate of our country main model. Dense area, railroad and street crosswise nod flourishing to passing roundabout, pedestrian, turn, the visibility such as day of bridge of tune, fluctuation and gale, seeper, frozen, mist is in 30m less than, encounter in travel the horn malfunctions or snow rain is blown when raining implement the circumstance such as attaint, highest speed per hour must not exceed 15km/h.
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