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Learn the note that the car should consider
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Began to carry out on April 1 " motor vehicle driver grooms management sets " those who let Guangzhou drive school is quite busy, because city is handed in appoint began this year " quality reputation examines " , and this examines will last two months. Accordingly all driving school this paragraph of time raises hardware software level in busy move. Look for a few to drive casually school ask, can hear such as to learn car privilege, come to sign up, the renown head that quality service month waits a moment, this goes to a supermarket shopping like you, touch not carefully went up paragraph dozen fold period same. If you plan to learn a car, does this moment calculate be an inning?

Additional, very much now drive school be in go in for sth in a large scale building, does the reason where? Be to drive school in dilate? This was last year actually the end of the year is handed in appoint one scrip makes cause, it is good that if this year the end of the year does not have construction,regulations content carelessness is " 9 anthology 6 " of integrated training field drive school, will be washed out. Current condition is, driving in what build school is very much, had built drive school is very few, if be eager to,learn a car you are unidentified so, chose what did not build good, your destiny learning a car is not furtive, it is road of adventurous mount a horse. And if you chose domestic facilities complete, so congratulation you, field has safeguard, how much has not cost raised.

Is the price lower jump over? This word that does not hold water apparently rouses be puzzled however a lot of person that learn a car. Will to drive when you school, after seeing the value, whether must still think other. Whether to have aptitude, whether to drive without fine school, whether level collects fees, whether quality is no good the service is disappointing, these need a consideration, because often these things conceal falls in the good shop sign with low price. Handed in March appoint take out price of guidance of a market, requirement industry cannot malign competition makes price war. Below governmental adjusting control, current price is stable, but always have a few small, chaos, difference drive school without any consideration, want to help student only, what price dare leave. Accordingly, sign up now learn a car, encounter under 3600 yuan was careful with respect to this.