Drive encounter an accident how to save oneself
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Before before long, our newspaper reported bus of travel of a Chongqing is gone to afore in road of channel of 9 stockaded village, drop unfortunately into Fu river, cause the accident of especially big traffic that 20 people die, caused the people close attention to road transportation accident again. In case gave traffic accident, what kind of method to adopt to undertake ego is protected? This is every driver and the basic common sense that the person that take a car should master.
Accident be on fire: Broken window extricate oneself rolls about put out a fire
The car in road of drive a vehicle is abrupt on fire, the driver answers instantly flameout, cut off oil and power source, after shutting shutter and ignition switch, the member that try to organize a car to my wife instantly leaves bodywork. If because of car collision is out of shape, when door cannot be opened, can be in extricate oneself from around windshield or car window. Had caught fire when person when, should adopt the posture that is in scroll to fountainhead, the edge shucks off the dress that goes up personally by the side of scroll, the attention protects good dew outside the skin and hair. Do not want deep breathing of ask for a favor or exclaim loudly, lest fireworks is burnable the upper respiratory tract.
Car to turn over: The foot ticks off footplate to retroflexion along with the car
Feel when the driver car wants inevitably tipping when, answer to hold steering wheel closely, bipod ticks off footplate, make the body is secured, rotate along with bodywork. The passenger inside the car should bend over quickly to go up to seat, capture the fixity inside the car, make the body is placed in seat, live firmly the body, avoid to the body rolls inside the car and get hurt. When to turn over, cannot jump down the direction of to turn over outside dispatch a vehicle, and the opposite way that should retroflexion to car is bouncing. When be born, should both hands holds a head in the arms to take advantage of an opportunity rolls to inertial direction or run away one paragraph is apart from, avoid to suffer loss 2 times.
Car falls into water: First door of deep breathing reopen
The car breaks up into the river, if water is more shallow, when cannot flooding whole vehicle, after should waiting for a car to stabilize, try to leave car from secure source again. If water is deeper when, do not be eager to opening door and car pane first, because at this moment door is opened hard. Right now, the oxygen inside railroad car can be maintained for driver and passenger 5 to 10 minutes, should make the head maintains above all go up in surface, open door or glass quickly with thrust, suck greatly at the same time at a heat, rise to surface in time.
Collide head on: Bipod steps straight body tilting back ward
In traffic accident collide head on, basically be a driver by of deadly danger. Once encounter,the accident happens, not be when the main trend that collides head on when driver a side, the driver answers the arm grips steering wheel, two legs step ahead straight, body tilting back ward, maintain body balance, what lest be in,car bumps is flashy, the head bumps to windshield and get hurt. If collide head on main trend is in draw near driver seat perhaps is bumped when strength is great, the driver should hide quickly from steering wheel, raise bipod, lest get,squash and get hurt.
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