Does excuse me motor vehicle turn around on road have why to set?
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Reply: Motor vehicle is in no U-turns perhaps prohibits the place of left-hand bend mark, graticule and in railroad road junction, pedestrian crosswalk, bridge, elbow, brow, channel a section of a highway of incidental perhaps danger, must not turn around.
Motor vehicle perhaps was not prohibiting without no U-turns the place of left-hand bend mark, graticule can turn around, but the other car that does not get cloggy and normal travel and pedestrian are current.
Crossing of motor vehicle go by, if have " red light perhaps allows to turn around during green light " mark, motor vehicle should be in according to the directive of the mark red light perhaps turns around during green light; If did not set this mark, be in red light all perhaps can turn around during green light. But the other car that cloggy and normal travel does not get when turning around or the pedestrian is current.