Inquire the car provides business notice
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Inquire the car provides business notice

One, fair, check, law or other administration execute the law be careful in one's conduct of branch, record is censorial the branch inquires archives

Ought to refer archives to inquire official letter and agency person job prove to reach Xerox, inquire archives ought to undertake in archives inquiry room, archives administrator ought to attendant.

2, notary organization, arbitral orgnaization and lawyer orgnaization need to inquire archives because of handling a case

(one) must offer the following proof:

1, the official letter that inquires an orgnaization to issue.

2, working proof and photocopy (the lawyer needs to offer " lawyer hold industry card " reach Xerox.

3, the proof file that the court accepts.

(2) concerned regulation:

1, the car that inquires data of motor vehicle archives needs to provide shop sign of clear motor vehicle date and this motor vehicle advocate name.

2, data of inquiry driver archives needs to provide driver full name and its Id number. Accord with a regulation give issue relevant proof.

3, motor vehicle can inquire brand of motor vehicle name, type, car only advocate; The driver's license can inquire a driver only full name, number, citizenship, sexual distinction, accurate drive model careful check period and period of efficacy.

3, motor vehicle everybody inquires his motor vehicle archives, ought to refer identification and motor vehicle to register certificate (if belong to an unit to use a car, ought to refer " certificate of origanization construction code " , him Id and motor vehicle register certificate or travel card) ; Motor vehicle driver inquires his driver's license archives, ought to refer driver's license of identification, motor vehicle.

4, handle affairs address: The car runs total place (Ou Cen village teachs Guangzhou city the Milky way examination room inside) 3 buildings do card hall

5, complain a phone: City bureau: 110; Policeman detachment: 020-86564481; The car runs place: 020-83115303