Will publish motor vehicle formally to discard as useless compulsively 2006 new
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On December 9, in system of market of Department of Commerce construction department sponsors " Chinese motor vehicle discards as useless administrative international seminar " on the reporter learns, new motor vehicle discards as useless compulsively of the standard make the job already spread out now, new bid brigadier comes on stage formally at next year. The reporter edits in new standard the proposal is pleasant to the eye, the new motor vehicle that is about to come on stage discards as useless compulsively standard and active standard photograph compare will appear 3 big new change: Small-sized, miniature is multiplied will cancel to discard as useless with the car regulation of fixed number of year; Discard as useless to the extension of other model fixed number of year undertakes adjustment; Use course of development will by original discard as useless compulsively index turns into referenced index.

On the conference, construction of system of market of Department of Commerce manages vice director Chen Lin points out, the car retains the quantity increases the problem such as waste of pollution of brought safe hidden trouble, environment, resources to be highlighted increasingly ceaselessly, urgent need considers to make accord with Chinese auto industry and car to supervise real case already, the car of sex of the look up before be being had again discards as useless standard, can develop in order to drive national economy continuously.

Chief engineer Geng Lei analyses place of standard of research center of Chinese car technology think, begin from now, motor vehicle discards as useless the quantity will enter rapid growth phase, and at present the technical condition of partial car cannot have satisfied concerned requirement, safe to road transportation, environment comes into being a harm, publish new motor vehicle to discard as useless compulsively the standard is already imperative.

Discard as useless according to Chinese motor vehicle the report that the standard studies to task group is referred, our country is active discard as useless the standard basically collects in order to to use fixed number of year to give priority to in executive process, use course of development is complementary control means, at present the standard basically puts in 6 big questions in executive process: Particular does not coordinate active standard and existing laws and regulations; The fixed number of year that active standard provides and course of development need to adjust; Of technical requirement and index reflect inadequate; Partial project and index are operated hard; Car check content and discard as useless standard requirement is abhorrent; To trailer discard as useless to did not make a provision.

The reporter still understands on the conference, new discard as useless compulsively of the standard edit train of thought is: Change fixed number of year and mileage target infirmly, the technical condition of aggrandizement car reachs target of safe, energy-saving, environmental protection, maneuverability of give attention to two or morethings. Establish principle is: The function test project of affirmatory motor vehicle and index, assure principle of rejection criterion of motor vehicle of safety and environmental protection requirement, compensatory accident, adjust and perfect discard as useless fixed number of year and mileage target. The processing of relevant circumstance in the regulation of new standard of task group proposal from respect of motor vehicle regular inspection, accordance that asking with car and concerned state level, opposite is produced and be being used, truckload with when leaving factory, compare, function drops or the bounds of decline and vehicle performance detect ability analyses this 5 big fields to undertake editing.
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