The Ministry of Communication: Our country car exceeds be restricted to overload
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Through two years much concentration is administered, our country car exceeds be restricted to overload rate is controlled already in 10% the left and right sides, of 85% above " tons of big little sign " car restores tonnage of check and ratify.

The the Ministry of Communication points out about chief, the whole nation 2006 is treated exceed working orgnaization to be not decreased, funds is not decreased, strength is greater, outstanding fountainhead processing, aggrandizement executes the law network of strength, perfect monitoring, establish lasting effect mechanism, exceed to breaking the law lawfully be restricted to overload car carries out severe canal to punish measure again.

He introduces, investment of countrywide accumulative total was treated last year super- execute the law personnel seventeen million six hundred and ninety-eight thousand person-time, investigate super- be restricted to overload car makes an appointment with eleven million one hundred and ninety-eight thousand second, content of carry cargo of accumulative total discharge eighteen million seven hundred and seventy-one thousand tons. National hair changes appoint announce 3 batches early or late " tons of big little sign " car parameter corrects watch. Door of the Ministry of Public Security is right of 85% above " tons of big little sign " car undertook tonnage correct. Door of countrywide The Ministry of Commerce and Industry in all cancel changes his costume or dress illegally enterprise 728. Up to on December 22, 2005, have 28 automobile factories early or late in all recall blemish car 380 thousand. Concerned branch bans the illegal small coal yard with highway much along the line and loading dot, be opposite at the same time of car fountainhead lade behavior is strengthened superintend. The majority is saved (municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government) strengthen economic adjustment, reduce car to carry cost further.

He expresses, current, because car exceeds the road transportation accident that be restricted to overload and causes to drop apparently, road carries market order to improve apparently, the carrying trade of 90% above door lawful outfit carry is defeated, highway passes through to lead and carry benefit to rise apparently.

He emphasizes, the whole nation is treated this year exceed the job to hit severity the violent act that fight a way.