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Macao: Accent of Pu national condition is thick
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The beauty of Macao is different from Hong Kong. The flourishing, Bacchic, riches and honour that is different from Hong Kong, fashionable. The beauty of Macao, the United States is in its grace, its gentle and quiet and those who maintain one's composure is high, the attractive culture breath of match well of its Chinese and Western.

Leave Hong Kong to walk along Macao, a heart is like abrupt static come down. The pedestrian on the street is little, the skyscraper of row upon row of is little, the driveway is cleaner, the tree is more, the flower is more, you are like abrupt from numerous was troubled by downtown streets to enter a decorous villatic area.
On better and street road surface, spreading a graph the block of chic color beauty, be permeated with strong exotic sentiment. Local can tell you, some block come from distant Portuguese carry a long time ago. Road both sides is common a Western-style Xiaolou of a grace, let you appreciate wonderful exotic amorous feelings.

Go to Macao travelling, what be worth to go most is not gambling house (unless money bag is roused bloatedly) , not be dog race field, be in then however be called " charm of Long Huan Pu " place. In the seaside is old in former days of banyan surround heavily below, be located the Portuguese type construction of a beautiful elegance, broad lanai the bouquets of flowers and piles of silks-rich multicolored decoration on stone rank, very rare pedestrian has gone on the way that the clastic rock before the building paves, give you the sense of deep and remote secret like a kind of dream. These buildings became museum nowadays, the long culture of two countries of the Pu in the move is revealed silently inside. Same sense is in " the ground before discuss official business wells balanced " also can find. The ancient building of Pu type style is completely there, the ground extends wave form with clastic rock the decorative pattern of black and white alternate with, be full of amorous feelings of full-bodied Pu country small town.

Go to Macao travelling, big 3 cling to memorial archway has to look. That is the mark of Macao. But I am more advertent big 3 cling to those wonderful sculpture below memorial archway. Have one honour sculpture most make a person infatuate, that is girl of a China and a Portuguese boy stand relative to, a boat that has crack is below their foot, the lotus below the boat blooms. The big ring of a circle is together the boat hold together of fission. In this among big cirque, the lotus that the girl is in bud gives exotic young person. Its symbolic significance is self-evident. Portuguese archon went, but Portuguese culture stayed however, be here with China culture shirt-sleeve, the Pu in making here is become, medium the friendship between Europe and a beautiful window that culture communicates.

Travel in Macao, the tourist guide can take you to go the store that a Portuguese opens, ask you to sample freely out is Portuguese of the hand of mug-up division authentic whip of Portuguese type egg. That is sweet thick tangy reeky new egg whip, for a long time of the aroma in can allowing the opening after you eat does not come loose. Travel in Macao, the tourist guide also can take you to look for reservation south the gallinaceous young cake of Chinese thick amorous feelings, wife cake and husband cake. Taste a mincing gallinaceous young cake, that is sweet and not be bored with, entrance is changed namely, the gust of clear mellow quietly elegant, it is the old Guangdong characteristic of a Zheng Miaogong, gasp in admiration making a person. Lovely Macao person, in admit rich Portuguese culture while, also withheld the root of sterling China culture deeply.
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