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China draws li of country- - Yi county grand village
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Inside a century and even quite long before time, china's richest crowd is not us present foreland, however badge business and advance business, the economic culture outstanding achievement that creates with badge business especially among them is most outstanding. Ancient badge city not only mountains and rivers-land is beautiful, style of writing is prosperous, folk is consuetudinary also become unify oneself. Approach badge city, enter that each is covered with tiles by white wall blueness, the Ma Tou with strewn at random discretion's wall, elegant sculpture and make a person infinite city civilian resides the badge that the courtyard that far thinks of comprises, as if the reason garden in walking into a dream, return the honest years of associate with.

Yi county grand village is the brook that be apart from collect a of 65 kilometers devious hamlet, perhaps be to hide group of hill in, the reason that Kui leaves modern culture, this only then build at carry on of the Southern Song Dynasty bright year, having the Gu Cun of 800 old histories, heretofore still is preserving structures of a lot of ancient badge state.

Early morning of Chu Qiu, we are taking the prostitution of a suit, kneading one night not the double eye with acerb Mian, come to grand village. Although be in,come before grand village, we had seen the look of grand village in photography work, but we or by at the moment picturesque scenery enchanted: Group if hill is held in the arms, water of blue sky green jade, dan Feng sets off one another in, city civilian resides the badge with white wall made of baked clay blueness row upon row of, the Chinese picture with whole ancient full like a poetic flavour village is general. Everything lets a person not by what remember clear person Wang Yuanrui " word of Yi hill rings " , "South lake glass of one water ferry, the bank outside willow of 10 lis of ding. "In Wang Yuanrui poem south the lake is grand village south lake.

In grand village, share two laky a Qu Xi, the Qiu Yue making the same score a lake that the lake austral this is copy Hangzhou west lake allegedly is built, still have a bit small laky more absolutely, whole and laky submit crescent moon form, the name says lunar pond, call a month billabong again. Because had the lake austral this and lunar pool,grand village is, just more add a charm, appear vivid and essence of life is wonderful. We are going down the trail of lakefront, dan Jiankuan is broad south lunar pond is resembled like lake and crescent moon one big mirror of one small two sides, the badge of rich and metrical feeling city civilian is resided and red autumnal leaves of blue sky white cloud, green hill alls inverted image among them, making the person divides not clear where to be in is water medium, which place is a bank go up. When gentle breeze light kiss crosses lake face, the scenery in water wrinkles slowly in a dimple ambiguous, grew a free and easy enjoyable water from a mountain again. The rhythm that then enjoyable landscape is adding up to gentle breeze sheds change to be being changed ceaselessly, between bout head, as wind leave, regained dormant position again, it is on the bank in water exactly like scenery.   
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