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Shanghai drives friend " adore " tung cottage
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City is blatant, often consider lovemaking landscape. But on the weekend only two playday, the excurse of merry and lively lacks essential condition it seems that. From this, the short distance travel that Jiang Zhe takes becomes Shen Cheng office worker the choose of one general election of recreational on the weekend life. For the friend that swims to liking to be driven oneself, if because Hangzhou is familiar with too too, already let you lose the curiosity of at least, so, might as well put look in a way a bit further -- , be apart from Hangzhou the tung cottage of 80 kilometers perhaps is another good place, she is far without Hangzhou that kind is bustling, had more more multivariate than Hangzhou natural landscape pattern however.

   From drive swimming angle to set out oneself, the distance of moderate and easy communication also are Shanghai tourist undoubtedly " adore " the main reason of tung cottage.

   Weather eye brook is seaborne, home of red lantern grandmother, precious jade beautiful jade elfland, tung Jun Shan hoists the sails 7 lis

Lunch eats in tung cottage county can brook of eye of weather of drive car edge goes upstream. In the Bi Pu dock of upper reaches of weather eye brook, a paragraph wonderful itinerary to our beck.

The sinfonia of the travel that with the day balsa of eye brook bamboo regards tung as cottage adrift, ought to be a right choice -- , left one morning car, feel some are fatigue after all, right now idle sits on bamboo balsa, in the center of Ren Youfa is versed in the master takes him past Shui Bo, have the interest that a kind of leisurely swims really. The flow of weather eye brook is not rapid, also be by no means billows however not Jing. Often be about to enter the state that loosens completely in you during, the flow of water suddenlies change, your mood rises and fall up and down subsequently.

Cross-strait scenery is worth commend more. " water classics notes " go up to look to the day the brook has such description: "Lian Shan places water, two peaks hand in stand erect, turn over to stone, often photograph defend... gully issues white Sha Xishi, shape is like frost snow, water wood set each other off, fontal Shi Zhenghui... " from Bi Pu dock comes home of red lantern countryside, bamboo balsa drifts whole journey makes an appointment with 5 kilometers. According to introducing, this is a paragraph of surface with day of eye brook the prettiest scenery. It is good to want weather fine only, brook water is clear normally see an end, what barefoot enjoys Shui Bo is light stroke, usually does not put a variety of worry below to be afraid already sadly escape goes.

Seaborne terminus is home of red lantern countryside, call grandmother the home again. Ascend the stairs, each is red lantern ornament is between the mountain forest of light green, only the feeling view that colour brings is cheerful make with respect to enough the person gasps in admiration incessant. This says to go up is the farmhouse park that manages former juice raw ingredient, have water wagon, have Gu Jing, have Man Zhiqing's acerbity persimmon, have everywhere squashy pumpkin. The civilian house here all blue bricks black is made of baked clay, of primitive simplicity but not shabby, if think the countryside boorish with real taste is interesting, you can choose the cabin on nocturnal old hill, the farmhouse earth dish of the husband's family outside sampling, view and admire the folk-custom show that has local amorous feelings quite.
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