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Drive skill: Two respects raise car road-sense
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Raise car road-sense to should go hard from two respects.
One, strengthen theory study.
1) should learn concerned car to drive seriously the basic theory of the operation and knowledge, master a car to issue what go up with different way to drive in different situation operation technology point, be used at him guidance drive practice. People of be used to of even ceaseless geoscience drives the experience of economic fuel, economic tire, make oneself also can master drive of cost saving drive method.
2) the total construction that should learn a car systematically, the construction of specifications and assembly, component, spare parts, function and working principle; Learn the knowledge of respect of a few vehicle maintenance and repair even, want to understand the purpose of vehicle maintenance and significance. Master the grading rules of vehicle maintenance, various maintenance main task content and program, the diagnosis of common breakdown mixes the car eliminate a method, the function of car fuel and lubricant material and choose a method to wait. Learn these knowledge to be able to help you master a few simple vehicle maintenance and repair a technology, also conduce to you overcoming a few wrong operations in drive.
3) strengthen compasses of Road Traffic Law and safety to drive intellectual study, make oneself are accomplished truly know law, abide by the law, establish the concept of safety first. Chapter of nurturance consciousness abide by observes the custom of discipline, safe drive a vehicle, comity drive a vehicle.
2, strengthen drive actually the operation trains.
When one individual course the driver grooms the school grooms, after obtaining a driver's license, he (her) already can skilled mastered driving elementary main points well and truly, can press drive operating rules issues independence to drive in more complex road condition and traffic condition, finish carriage production job. But such driver road-sense level is not high still, should explore ceaselessly in the practice that oneself drive, study, want diligent at beat one's brains, be brave in to study, still should learn advanced driving to old driver ceaselessly experience and technology, do not enrich oneself for the ground, perfect oneself. Go down so, cannot pass how long, your road-sense is met certainly high degree of professional proficiency, rise quickly.