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Drive oneself run quickly to snow region Tibet
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● Beijing goes back and forth between 8500 much kilometers to Tibet, fee of every car oil and pass by cost make an appointment with Tang Gu of 12 thousand yuan of ● to pull river of a small bay in a river of mountain pass, a small bay in a river, cocoa on the west li road of unmanned area a gleam of besides, scenery all beautiful

Came on June 22 on July 9, tibet of the westerly before 28 terrestrial cruiser and general help much car friend is driven oneself swim, passed the main city such as music and Huhhot, Yinchuan, Xining, Geermu, that Lhasa on the way. After itinerary end of 18 days, car advocate Tao Zhengyong still is enmeshed between infinite aftertaste, in spirits ground is told had on the way experience.

   1-3 day goes high speed to hurry on with one's journey, arrive at Xining

On June 22, motorcade sets out from Beijing. Before 3 days basically are to walk along high speed to hurry on with one's journey, all the way road condition is very good, did not do on the way stay, everyday time of drive a vehicle is controlled in 10 hours, can in the freeway on the way gas station is cheered.

   After 4-5 day watchs bird island, the car comes 9 hours all right Geermu

After arriving at Xining, rest and reorganization is made a bit before motorcade hides to enter. Scheduling of 25 days is more comfortable. 26 day criterion journeys are nervous, this day should drive about 800 kilometers, visit island of Qinghai lake bird even on the way. The time of drive a vehicle that Geermu reachs after leaving bird island restricts 9 hours, need to notice to adjust oneself position.

   The 6th day admires diversiform-leaved poplar forest, 60 kilometers macadam passes cross-country strong interest

This is pure excursive a day. I and a few friends drive went the diversiform-leaved poplar in a desert forest. This is the macadam of a paragraph of about 60 kilometers, it is us this goes the hardest all the way also is most a paragraph of road of satisfy a craving. We drive the car very quickly, and pull cigarette very longly designedly. At ordinary times we can drive cross-country car in the city only, hold back is bad, can scatter this eventually joyous.

Remind: After entering desert, a lot of do not have the car friend of experience, car defect entered Sha Li. Need to a person leads a way to the driver in front at this moment, the road according to ahead besides tell a driver how to should drive, where to park the car. E.g. , the meeting in desert has a kind of dune, the one side that faces a driver is gentlier, but the reverse side is perpendicular and below, when the driver drives, look not clear, one carelessly the car may be grown directly go down.

Additional, when jockeying, car head communications center is worn of slope below, otherwise bad to start.

The 7th day of Geermu reachs that on the way scene is infinite

This day (on June 28) it is the tireddest day in whole journey, walk along 109 nations line to go to that from Geermu, drive a vehicle in all 923 hours, passed Kunlun mountain pass, Tang Gu to pull river of a small bay in a river of mountain pass, a small bay in a river, cocoa on the west in unmanned area, but road condition is better still, in imagining desolate.
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