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In the folk song that be like fire middle reaches walks along northward prairie
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China is full of blood of essence of life because of north. It is the chant of deep feeling of Inner Mongolia prairie no matter, still be the joyous song of grass of day hill north and south, or the cadence that is excessive of the Bei on North Shaanxi loess plateau, all without exception 5000 the expression of look breadth of spirit of earth of an ancient name for China gets incisively and vividly. On the road that wanders in north, that folk song of incessant Yu Er is to never be met of cease, it can pass through between different view, roast like fire you yearn for enthusiastic chest.

  Advocate play a song

 " Ao Bao encounters "

The moon of 15 rose celestial You, why on the side without cloud? I am awaiting beautiful girl, why don't you still come oh ah? The rainwater that if do not have a day,goes up, flower of Chinese flowering crabapple won't do oneself leave? Want an elder brother only I await patiently oh, the person on my heart can run oh ah...  

Lucky 3 treasure

A very simple Mengyu song is in recently stealthily popular, it is no matter in the taxi, in the shop that still goes up in the ave, can hear that one in the mobile phone ring of a few people even 3 simple and harmonious antistrophic, this song is called " lucky 3 treasure " . Although song has the version of a Chinese, but the unconscious language edition that more person likes to listen to former juice raw ingredient. Young daughter asks: "Father, what are the sun, moon and star? " father replies: "Lucky 3 treasure. " young daughter asks: "Mom, what are greenery, flower and fructification? " mom replies: "Lucky 3 treasure. " young daughter asks: "What am father, mom and I? " father answers: "Lucky 3 treasure. " the family happiness that work was full of sunshine, healthy, green meaning and family, especially that puerile child's voice, sending out the grass is new the flavour of milk.

A lot of people mention the nation that the Monggol nationality often thinks this is unruly or unrestrained of an agile and brave on intuition, actually this is a misunderstanding. It is you no matter thorough ground and the amorous feelings that person of the Monggol nationality interacts or wait for a respect to understand them from musical art and culture, can discover this is the nation of an exquisite deep feeling, the sort of deep feeling has the transmission limits of length and breadth of land and abstruse expressional power. Perhaps be all the year round of nomad life and nature get along too direct, the culture of the Monggol nationality an omnipresent day, ground, person 3 person shirt-sleeve belief is perforative arrive among all trifling matters of everyday life and artistic detail, singer of delegate of another the Monggol nationality vacates no less than case Er collects the Mongolia folk song that arrange, below its doughty appearance deep the tender feelings enough of bury lets any hard moods melt.  

   The Ao that Bai Yinao wraps is wrapped
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