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A northern frontier scene is driven oneself swim
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4, there is bay of Chinese flowering crabapple of the cereal on one place near day desert (entrance ticket 15 yuan / person) , if be when spring is transient,the value must look. Periphery still has fishing port of river of boreal stockaded village additionally (entrance ticket 15 yuan / person) , big gorge of secret administrative division (entrance ticket 20 yuan / person) .

5, this circuitry still can have a day of swimming choice, beijing is returned along 110 nations line after be being returned from crow hill namely, be in in road wolf hill right-hand rotation (south travel) , visit lie area of bovine hill travel; Additional, before to Zhang Shan in 110 nations line battalion is pressed down east door battalion is OK left-hand rotation goes visit Gu Ya to reside, do not require pass the night so, can return Beijing directly that day.

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