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A northern frontier scene is driven oneself swim
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Travel circuitry: Beijing - red snail temple - divine hall valley - lake of wild goose dwell

Tourist attraction of along the line: Yi of desert of Kangxi prairie, day, crow, Huang Dicheng

Journey amorous feelings: It is the line with strong characteristic of a north of the Great Wall, the desert of broad prairie, vast, desolate ancient castle, primitive and straightforward, this kind of artistic conception suits to chase after Gu Huaisai, in causing a heart infinite and disconsolate. Because a lot of tourist attractions arrive without bus of special railway line, traffic inconvenience, suit to drive oneself.

  Journey brief introduction:
Beijing - red snail temple

Set out from Beijing area, in the Beijing on place of 3 yuan of bridges by the way north goes (perhaps go up in 3 yuan of bridges travel of capital airport freeway, to north Gao Qiao collects fees the freeway below exit, go toward northeast by the way along Beijing again, when needing less) , arrive when island of withered willow annulus straight travel, about travel goes to island of byre hill annulus after 13 kilometers, after continueing to make an appointment with 10 kilometers all right continuously, can go up all right continuously along crossroads the highway that conceive abundant (111 countries) toward conciliatory direction travel.

Island of link of road of youth of classics of too conciliatory county goes continuously, along Huai Feng highway travel arrives after seeing bridge of a railway left abduct, walk along sub road to be able to reach scene area. Drive a vehicle restricts 1 many hours in all.

Red snail temple - divine hall valley

Return by former road from red snail temple, highway of the edge after reaching the road that conceive abundant continues north goes, go to the left-hand rotation after island of be surrounded by mountains of lake of wild goose dwell,

Divine hall valley - lake of wild goose dwell

Return by former road from divine hall valley, to the right-hand rotation after the highway that conceive abundant, toward conciliatory direction travel, can see guide indicate on the way, about 3 kilometers arrive namely.

Clew of go on a journey:   

1, on Kangxi prairie bake complete sheep taste is good, but had better close with other visitor buy, 10 people above is best, such comparison economical, both neither uses expenditure to also won't be wasted more very much.

2, if this line takes in the summer, no matter be amuse oneself desert or prairie, need to notice to prevent bask in, but provide for oneself a few prevent bask in protect skin to taste.

3, the time that returns formerly from Kang Xicao had better master in crepuscular time, should arrive too below the 8 city walls that amount to mountain, modelling lamp shined on the Great Wall, all redundant landscape disappear in darkness, only the Great Wall in suspension of a paragraph of glow is in sky, very intoxicate.
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