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Brown bear channel: Cereal of death of devil of sweet case lira
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Tower aloft to connect in the mountain peak of gorge both sides and day, unpluggingly and case, 1000 appearance 100 condition, account person seems thing, lifelike. "Kingly go out for a battle " , " Xiang Yu the Conqueror fastens female singer " , " avalokitesvara sits lotus " , " the lover trysts " ... they are lifelike, unreal changes the terrestrial view that gives too numerous to mention one by one.

Cross a paragraph of valley, arrive " the limit of the day, the horn of the sea " the remotest corners of the earth, edge herdsman canal enters the peak, scan widely looks, all sorts of landscape all stop eye ground, take in everything in a glance. Far be in group of hill to rise and fall, layer hill rows of mountains, continuous and ceaseless, clear brook crosses meantime, one integrated mass of Bai Yun, blue sky, prairie, all sorts of strange flowers blossom eagerly, meantime of red yellow blue green be mingled with, extraordinary fragrance is tangy. Group the bird often flits from the sky, size beasts crosses between gorge. Elbow of manage village highway receives elbow, the dragon that be like arrogant goes to sea, gallop in Yu Xiangu.

Of this gorge swim, of this zoology swim, all without exception lets a tourist be infatuated with for it, be intoxicated for it.

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