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Brown bear channel: Cereal of death of devil of sweet case lira
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Big gorge of brown bear channel, be located in country city churchyard, it is county of lira of Yunnan sweet case to paddy city inferior need fourthly the ground of classics, because there often is Ma Xiong in gorge,come in and go out and get a name. Place also is called " cereal of death of devil of sweet case lira " , wang Jiang bewitching of Er of Sa of case of according to legend when, head of a demon is in adjacent army is chased after kill next into this gorge escaping, fall from cliff carelessly cereal is medium and die.

Every passes the person of brown bear channel by the car, all without exception is this " cereal of death of devil of sweet case lira " beautiful, strange, danger, deep and remote, abstruse, wild place plaints.

The mysterious and deep and serene gorge world that this is assemble of scene of a beautiful.
This is, the natural and pure, primitive gallery that does not paint world dust.
This is bluff of gorge of a collect, underground river, primitive vegetation, peak cluster, brook beasts of birds of strange stone, precious is, the terrestrial elfland of body.
This is one makes a person on line of travel of sweet case lira the cereal of Xiang Wang's zoology, it is the good place that explorer ego challenges.

When you sortie gorge entrance is in, all around Jing Youzhi extremely, look has hill to have water, the bridge has way, one pace one scene, peremptory the Chinese landscape painting of a flow. See arboreous luxuriantly green, hill scenery is pretty absolutely, listen to the soughing of the wind in the pines to bypass ear, sound of bird speech sound, ju a faint scent, wash a heart to swing gas, any planting means, all make a person cannot bear walk, happy and forget to return. Look at the sky of mysterious Gao Yuan, group peak alarm stands erect, stand like a wall 10 thousand an ancient measure of length equal to seven or eight chi, layer hill rows of mountains, cereal of thorough of the soughing of the wind in the pines, you as if have a kind of hold aloof from the world, ascend day of wonderful sense that enter the space.

Go up from brook of edge of foot of a hill, the Gushu inside gorge is very tall, all over the mountains and plains of pine, cedar, banyan, maple, chun Quqiu comes, the leaf became green erubescent, red become yellow, colour is mottled and bright-coloured, as the beauty like canvas. Brook water is dark green, rise and fall along with mountain stream, or rapid, or slow.

Again forward, you already place oneself is in mysterious glen, gorge 4 walls are abrupt, strange the peak blames stone, together of thoughts or recollections flashing across one's mind making a person. More startling is, clay is without on the cliff with naked naked, grow one plant individual plant, cliff banyan and cirrus unexpectedly. Pass through the growth of cliff banyan and cirrus, people saw a kind of drive that going all out in work tenaciously it seems that, and is this kind of spirit how commendable? This is really: Cliff does not take half land, bluff does not block inch of careless heart.
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