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Small 5 hill
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Small 5 hill say again east 5 hill, snow mountain, ancient call agnail hill. Cause east, on the west, south, north, medium 5 peaks composition, and teach a hill 5 hill to fasten Yushanxifo, friend name is little 5 hill. Small 5 hill are located in south of piece of members of a family, boundary of deer of colourful county, Zhuo, the county that be apart from colourful east slant 36 kilometers count north Heng Shanyu arteries and veins, southwest -- northeast trend, thing 12 kilometers, north and south 20 kilometers. Area 240 square kilometer, average height above sea level 2000 meters, stage of its middle east is highest, it is 2882 meters, for Heibei group Shan Zhiguan. The Taiwan Strait unplugs in 2801 meters, boreal Taiwan Strait unplugs 2837 meters, the Taiwan Strait unplugs south 2743 meters, the Taiwan Strait unplugs on the west 2671 meters.

Small body of 5 hill hill is perfectly round, shape is like fort, each other are linked together, more than arteries and veins surrounds. Strength effect answers outside sufferring for a long time, form grow the stormed crack that amounts to tens of rice several, deep-felt and upper, hill body is broken up into ridges and peaks accident of bristly, ginseng falls condition. East, on the west, north, medium 4 peaks all have the ridge link like edge, only south the stage suffers on the lake the cut of channel, old person channel, make Gu summit, independent at 4 peaks south. Small 5 hill air temperature is inferior, average air temperature - 4 Celsius left and right sides, relatively air temperature of colourful county basin is low 10, 15 degrees, the summer is cool, winter severe cold, and much landform rain and cyclone rain, those who form a type is perpendicular distributinging belt, air temperature end is very apparent. The Bai Hua of cereal bottom the last ten-day of a month is gemmiparous in April unripe branch, peak plant still is in hibernant condition, sprout to the ability at the beginning of June when; The Beginning of Autumn just passed, summit plant dies of old age, withered and yellow, and ancient bottom plant still spends Sheng Xiemao. The growth period below the hill on hill differs 3 months left and right sides.

Small 5 Shanshangaolin are close, having very rich biology resource, it is the typical delegate of ecosystem of area of north of our country China, place of very domestic and international biologist takes seriously. Medicinal material resource basically has tuckahoe, umbellate pore fungus, green pepper, rhizome of wind-weed to wait. Wild animal has green hill sheep, roe deer, ursine, leopard to also appear constantly. The classics at the beginning of 80 time makes an on-the-spot investigation about the branch, in small 5 hill discovered world precious birds -- brown horse chicken, for international one kind protects precious birds.

Small 5 hill already were labelled now natural groove guard. In period of Buddhist be current, here ever made Buddhist emperor mountain for a time. Build of cloister, tope is in more, be like south stage temple, boreal stage temple. Still put now temple of the mail collect hole, Bai Xiangshi, stone that put light, old Long Chi, Tie Lin waits for a lot of famous places and historical sites. Iron forest temple is among them delegate. According to legend is small 5 Shan Wufeng have cloister each formerly, iron forest temple is in summit of boreal stage summit " Bodhisattva supports " on, coil to prevent strong wind, with iron the board that nail a hammer builds house, friend calls Tie Lin the temple. However Ju of hill tall wind, cold and clinking, abbe although weigh Qiu Yi deeply brisk, live on hill all the year round hard.
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