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Beijing outskirt go on a journey ascends loose hill to experience cool and refre
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Area of travel of loose hill forest, be located in Beijing to delay ministry of the northwest that celebrate a county, be apart from the urban district 90 kilometers, as a result of special situation, elegant environment and move richly, plant resource, on the foundation of field of former loose mountain forest, was labelled by the State Council 1986 groove guard of national level nature.
Groove guard gross area 4660 hectare, travel area 1394.2 hectare. Wild vivid plant is resourceful inside the area, vegetation is dense, have vertebrate 180 a variety of, have vascular bundle plant more than kinds 700. Save relatively in good condition natural oily pine forest 50 much hectare. Quiet day has to this between Jiaqingnian " Song Baicong is emerald green, black color horizontal day " epitaph account. Nowadays, age is seasonal, 100 flowers bloom, bird sparrow contend, those who present one clique nature is exuberant opportunity of survival.
Area of loose hill travel gives priority to body with natural landscape, scenery natural resources is solid, have distinguishing feature alone. The altitude of sea Tuo hill inside the area 2199.6 meters, for Beijing the 2nd height, there is hole of spring of natural oily pine forest, 100 waterfalls, the Eight Immortals in the legend, Song Yuetan, male lion to water inside the area, flying Long Bi, 3 fold the tourist attraction of 30 more than place such as water, each have distinguishing feature.
Stroll scene area, elegant demeanour of general view nature. Hill, water, stone, forest, ancient, male, deep and remote, danger, strange, show is offerred to the person far hope to take its power, so myopic that its pledge, view form and realize a god, happy god the enjoyment of beauty of condition of the picturesque scene with smelt metal sex, poem, artistic conception. The climate of area of loose hill travel is typical country climate, because suffer the effect of altitude and small landform, climate is delightful, it is one of areas of Beijing low temperature, year 7 ℃ control average air temperature, lower than the urban district 4 ℃ .
Gujin of loose hill hot spring is famed, it is the good place of disease of bath, cure, water is warm 45 ℃ , sunrise water measures 2000 stere, 27 kinds of elements such as potassium, magnesian, sulfur, iron are contained in spring, among them fluorine ion content is as high as 12 milliliter / to rise, to dermatosis, arthritis, kind rheumatic, local neuralgic curative effect is distinct. Groove guard of loose hill nature is scientific research makes an on-the-spot investigation namely, the good place that education jackarooes, it is travel goes vacationing, be away for the summer holidays the resort of recuperate.
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Be located in ministry of northwest of Yan Qing county, in swallow mountain mountain range army in hill, be apart from the urban district 90 kilometre. After walking along the 8 freeways that amount to mountain to prosperous to make the same score northwest of the city zone, piece long article on Guan Qiao 110 countries on the west, jing Yanqing is off-the-peg village of lane of the sheep in continueing to pass north to turn on the west, cross piece of hill battalion to press down crossing seeing fork to be gone to namely by field of loose mountain forest.
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