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Unqualified drive school general to pick a brand compulsively

Current, guangzhou city motor vehicle drives groom examination room has begun " 9 anthology 6 " exam, but Guangzhou city is driven for the most part school still do not have omnibus training field. On January 17, 2006, autocycle of Guangzhou city car maintains industry government to be in (the following abbreviation " dimension canal is in " ) hold driver of motor vehicle of normative Guangzhou city to groom the industry trains conference of field construction work integratedly, dimension is in charge of the concerned leader of place to say, requirement of 80% drive school this year finish before July " 9 anthology 6 " omnibus training field, of field of omnibus to faint form a complete set training drive school orgnaization to will take good step, through amalgamative, recombine, partial economy actual strength, managerial condition is weaker drive school general to be fallen into disuse to go out bureau, the likelihood arrives at the beginning of next year, guangzhou drives school general 84 times existing to many 30 are washed out.

As we have learned, the driver that Guangzhou has 84 joint-stock case at present grooms the school, inside the urban district 51 have 3 to drive school completed construction of omnibus training field, it is wide respectively how to drive school, another name for Guangdong Province to promote drive school and Jing Na school, in additionally 10 drive the omnibus training field of school to be being built. According to having a level of omnibus training field drive school chief introduction, before transforming place, drive school student percent of pass to be less than 30% , the student of one-time graduation after transforming increased present 80% above.

On January 22, the fast that the reporter comes to near road of Bei of car of the Milky way installs motor vehicle to drive groom school training field, seek advice from matters concerned of driver's license of motor vehicle of pass an entrance examination with student status, how is fast driven school a controller that surnames a law solved reporter query. Before should be being mentioned paragraph time Guangzhou city is handed in appoint it is good to put forward to fail to be built before the end of the year or rebuild of omnibus training field drive school, will not renew batch of management qualifications, this controller explanation says, how is fast driven school is early prepared actively already last year build integrated training field, should drive what Jiao Zaitang has one to be in nearly 8000 square metre near heart Hua Yuan to drive now training field, just did not hand in through Guangzhou appoint to this training field examine and approve. Predict how fast drives school general to combine subordinate cent school to build the training field with one larger part this year. This law surname controller still discloses to the reporter, understand according to its, other drive school in receive Guangzhou to hand in appoint after the announcement all of short duration has no big movement.
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