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Beijing will perfect driver road to study a system this year, begin effective way to drive pilot; Parking space of trunk road side will decrease stage by stage, cancel; Punish of blame motor vehicle, pedestrian will be brought into " civilized area county " assessment of appraise through comparison.

Yesterday afternoon, city makes a valve bureau bulletin expresses when working key this year, will build this year " the traffic safety of the traffic administration science and technology that the traffic organization management of systematization, intelligence changes, socialization is on guard " waiting for 6 cardinal principle is. Among them, the standard is not behavior of traffic of motor vehicle, pedestrian, rigorous management jockeys order, science is scanty block a platoon up, reducing mortality of 10 thousand cars will be the key that works this year.

Working key

  1, add electronic eye to stare at violate the rules and regulations closely to jockey

This year, beijing will reach 107 78 aves such as road of extension line, 23 annulus, crossing to attach most importance to a dot with Chang'an Street, begin punish of order of traffic of blame motor vehicle, pedestrian. Partial management jockeys assist the member that be in charge of also will adjust crossing to have guard.

City hands in tubal bureau to express, divide east, on the west outside 24 aves such as Chang'an Street, every area county will have 1 to come this year 2 aves, take the lead by area county government severe canal jockeys order; Install through adding TV supervisory equipment, shortcut in main main street and area of strict no parking jockey the measure such as block stake; Compress occupy a road to jockey, line of strict control main force and fast contact line occupy a road to jockey berth; Berth of period of time and nightly berth are divided in open up of village road, spur track.

   2, cooperate to make system of school bus admittance

Hand in tubal branch to will cooperate city to teach this year appoint, make school bus (include " black school bus " ) admittance system, build school bus to superintend archives at the same time, to driving person and situation of school bus security undertake be checkinged regularly. In aspect of safety of campus periphery transportation, post will be added in campus periphery road, increase by religion appoint contributive recruited liaison man assist the member that be in charge of, strengthen the maintenance of the processing that breaks the law to school bus and circumjacent traffic order.

City hands in Zhang Jingchun of spokesman of tubal bureau news to say, investigate except the key this year " experience card " outside breaking the law, right " rub " , tricycle, " incomplete 3 " , " black car " reach without the card dynamoelectric bicycle, dynamoelectric autocycle, fuel helps force car, also will begin concentration to rectify.

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