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Rose on January 1, the person that learn a car must want to go up sufficient of 30 hours drive take an examination of to take an examination of academic tax ability, this is adumbrative drive this year take an examination of reform to be pulled open formally prelusive.

From last year Chu Dong begins, a few affirmatory or not certain informations are learning car a group of things with common features and accurate learn get round of midstream of car a group of things with common features. Planning to learn Miss Zhang of the car, should reachcapture to those who learn a car is in beside the move or had learned the work in the same placing of the car, friend only between Duan Zhi recently, be about " check " message: "Hear road take an examination ofing wants to use Lu Kaoyi this year, can computer control make an exam stricter? " " later tuition should be united collected fees, if drive school cannot get preferential price again, should I take the advantage of tuitional now petty gain to sign up rapidly learn a car? Should I take the advantage of tuitional now petty gain to sign up rapidly learn a car??

Meanwhile, drove the president of school, coaches to hear the policy that appears possibly this year changes as much, content and outside hearsay are roughly identical. Do these hearsays have a ground after all? The reporter interviewed Hangzhou to count the home to drive the controller of school for this. Change one " 9 choose 6 " will in new change of monitoring of whole journey electron, what make a person pay close attention to most is " 9 choose 6 " the version that introduces Lu Kaoyi. As we have learned, management board of traffic of province Public Security Department was in Zhejiang early to there was clear directive to this last year in August: 2005 before the end of the year, provincial half area, will introduce a road to take an examination of " the electron takes an examination of an official " . Newest message is, lu Kaoyi has been in Hangzhou village examination room " need post " , already entered at present debug level.

Electronic road is used to check instrument in road take an examination ofing, hangzhou is not the first to eat crab, beijing and Nanjing are earlier than Hangzhou. Pass by of a view and emulate checks school of Hangzhou car ability the teacher that appearance takes an exam introduces to the reporter, after executing Lu Kaoyi to take an exam, examinee will unite the exam car take an examination that uses what offer by examination room to inspect appearance facility of the road. "Lu Kaoyi is a small-sized computer actually. Had it, the biggest effect is to be able to be put an end to for one's deceased father wait for an element to disturb -- , must go up in inductor when the car on student by dactylogram, after information of dactylogram test and verify and examinee archives are accorded with the car on ability drives; Car end contains emissive antenna, with will receive all sorts of information; It is at the same time arrest ask an influential person to help arrange sth, get in by the back door, screen still shows to undertake monitoring to the exam process of student of liquid crystal by deputy driver's seat; After the road takes an examination of an end, student is eligible, the computer can reach very quickly result. " " the road takes an examination of complete electron to change when be not being taken an examination of on behalf of the road, need to take an examination of an official no longer, when the exam, take an examination of an official to still want to sit on deputy driver's seat. From exam project takes an exam to another the distance between the project, if student appears,escape direction, both hands is broken away from steering wheel and look block wait for dangerous movement, still by take an examination of an official to come judge. Still by take an examination of an official to come judge..
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