Cold winter of northland of off-season not weak Harbin appears " learn Che Chao
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Accept weather reason restriction, winter is to drive all the time of school off-season. However the reporter understood in interview recently, today haing city drives the winter each school business is prosperous all the more however. In the light of this winter day in " learn Che Chao " , analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, although do not eliminate a few drive school to attract student difficulty of sedulous production exam is increased, learn a car to rise in price wait for a hearsay, but analyse from a variety of circumstances, basically mix car price is reduced this year, ceaseless emerge in large numbers mixes new model buy car kind grow in quantity to concern. In addition, at present this year's undergraduate already began to apply for a job ahead of schedule, they long to master more skill, before taking the advantage of graduation in succession, sign up learn a car, make drive school recruit students off-season turn over flourishing.

A few days ago, the reporter passes pair of dragon carry, vessel health, a few scale such as fine horse hair are larger drive school after undertaking visitting, be informed: At present is driven each of school " limelight learning a car " strong, compare with photograph of in former years, sign up the person twice that learns a car grows. And in afore-mentioned a few drive school the student that learns a car people feel generally: It is very difficult to restrict a car, shift to an earlier date a week restricts a car is ultimate impossible success, because all train cars are shifted to an earlier date 10 days,made an appointment. Besides restrict a car, the law earths up a class to facing difficulty likewise on: Because double cease day shift already all seats taken, want to learn to waiting for average class only (Zhou Yi comes Zhou Wu) .

"Vessel health " drive a controller of school to say frankly: The student in the winter is compared this year the person is much last year severalfold. It is after the Beginning of Winter before off-season, wait for spring the 2nd year busy season just comes. Winter of in former years recruits 50 new student about every week, but the near future is weekly new the student that recruit amounts to 200 much people, it is very difficult to restrict a car now.

At present the most inexpensive car does not cross 339 yuan, 10 thousand yuan of two handcart of the left and right sides are to be able to be found everywhere more. Average citizen can come true through loan means old " car dream " . Of car price reduce ceaselessly before attracting large quantities of citizens, go to drive school learn a car, even if cold weather also a bit is enthusiastic without what affect them. And to the youth, it is OK to own a driver's license to apply for a job much talk is sure. The reporter breathed out city recently in many resume that invite applications for a job of each college talent sees on the meeting, have " have a driver's license " wait for content, the undergraduate of a lot of strong finish school is " have this a group of things with common features " , the near future just learns a lot of people in them to drive. A of Heilongjiang university big 4 students tell a reporter, the society drives the competitive capacity that can increase oneself, the classmate of their class took an examination of a driver's license in busy move recently, the number had exceeded 1/3, among them still a few preparation take an examination of grinding classmate.
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