Beijing drives school network world " evaporate " 80 student denounce a view
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Yesterday morning, drive school net to sign up through Beijing the student that learns a car arrives day of Ning Si east in the center signing up of 2 buildings denounces a view, discover this center however already the person goes the building is empty.

"Came almost 80 much people! The person stands full! " eyewitness thanks a lady to tell a reporter, yesterday morning 11 when make, tens of people stand in Tian Ning temple east in the door face room of 2 Lou Chaodong in front. "Hearing is to be in here hand in Qian Xueche, drive school ran. " Xie Nv person describes the scene at that time so.

When the reporter hurries to the spot last noon, the student of the spot basically has dropped off, nevertheless still ceaselessly student comes. The reporter sees, the fascia of doorway of center signing up already by rip off, still remain misshapen not complete " Haidian is driven school " and " public transportation drive school " wait for model of written characters. The gate of center signing up had disappeared, remain the doorcase of aluminium alloy only, still hanging Beijing to drive the brand that the center signs up inside school net city on the wall in house.

According to all round the dweller says, this center signing up is in here practice a year many, since last week ceaseless somebody looks for a requirement to withdraw fund, "Also did not know how to come in the morning so much person, stand the road here full. " eyewitness king gentleman says to the reporter so.

According to eyewitness introduction, center signing up sticks a piece of paper of the move on original vitreous door, writing above " the contract expires, our newspaper name nods cancel, ask student by receipt and anounce school connection to attend class. If have other issue, call please × of × of 8197 × × " . Sign up now the dot has not known whereaboutldirection, the reporter dials phone criterion nobody are received listen.

Mr Zhao that learns a car according to signing up says, he paid fee last year in November, the message was done not have all the time later, he has hit a few phones to seek advice, the other side lets him be waited a moment again all the time, "The phone that signs up later is hit was illogical, I feel not right to look, my Id still is in they there. My Id still is in they there..

Have a plenty of in the other student of the spot just hand in cost, some to had learned code to groom, some has been taken an examination of try, return some class hour to had not learned.

According to these person introductions, they are to pass Beijing to drive school net ( , signed up for public transportation, Haidian to wait respectively tens of drive school. Student prevent the gentleman says, about 300 much people had signed up through this website.

The reporter logged onto Beijing to drive school net according to the description of student, discover this website had become to cry " quick fox net " website. The reporter contacts the staff member of quick fox net. Mr Wu weighs the staff member, really they are in charge of safeguarding original Beijing drives school net website, nevertheless bilateral now collaboration has ended, at present this website network address " " had been called in by them.
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