Guangzhou " 9 anthology 6 " groom carry out old student to pay exam fee addition
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Since Guangdong the province is driven partly school one's deceased father " 9 anthology 6 " since, our newspaper dogs continuously reported " 9 anthology 6 " the exam reachs the echo that draws the generation in school in student, recently reporter from drive school respect to learn, had left one's deceased father " 9 anthology 6 " the province is belonged to drive school, attendant construction and trainer groom waited for a respect to adopt an emergency measures, many driving school be about to finish in the light of " 9 anthology 6 " adjust each, and hopeful begins to undertake those who have specific aim groom to student in the near future.

   Drive school is easy answer " 9 anthology 6 "

Be in " 9 anthology 6 " when just beginning to announce to take an examination of, a lot of driving school feel very abrupt, but this kind of circumstance did not let a few drive school unaware. Because learned pertinent information beforehand, a few drive school began to prepare beforehand, opening the process that each accelerated to adjust after taking an examination of formally. The province belongs to Gao Qu to amount to drive school express, inside very short time, school construction of square attendant ground, trainer grooms, groom course is adjusted etc the action on link is quick, had completed the construction of field at present, the assessment to trainer also is about to finish. Blessing China drives school one side to take an examination of student to lease field arranges training to face, also do not have rein in to the adjustment of oneself. Drive school the manager expresses, very fast blessing China also can answer leisurely " 9 anthology 6 " took an exam.

   Already signed up student needs to pay fee additionally

Added exam item, bring necessarily groom the rise of cost and exam cost, for the student that learns a car to signing up at present, expenses rises is reasonable it seems that. But to be in " 9 anthology 6 " before taking an examination of, signed up, for the student that paid tuition, if drive school add again collect fee, they were accepted very hard.

Mr Chen was driven in some May school after signing up, went September Lian Na take an examination ofing is long-distance, can wait only originally take testimony, abrupt however experience " 9 anthology 6 " add one's deceased father, draw school demand he hands in 600 yuan again groom exam cost. Mr Chen thinks to be done so unreasonable, because have contract tie, any fee collect no longer after card of school Ceng Bao is being driven to say when signing up. The reporter dialed partial province to belong to for this draw the telephone call of school, gotten answer is to need to increase the cost that controls 400 yuan or so. One drives school personage to tell a reporter, the student that before be opposite, signs up is added receive charge to had become each to drive the information with public school. He thinks, add close reasonable, should look at the outset the regulation of the contract. Guangzhou learns car network to also agree with the viewpoint of this personage, "Whether can add collect fee, should see you at the outset agreement and the mode of operation that drive school itself, every are driven school is likely different. Every are driven school is likely different..
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