Lukewarm state city learns car head to take an examination of " 9 anthology 6 "
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Yesterday, motor vehicle of lukewarm state city drives head one's deceased father " 9 anthology 6 " . In many 40 first examinee, 75% enter close a success. Fail the 11 people of pass a barrier, they are most in too successive obstacle (round cake) , unilateral bridge, add 100 meters decrease cent is lost in blocking 3.

44 first examinee come from whole town respectively 9 are driven school. Yesterday morning at 8 o'clock, motor vehicle of city of lukewarm state of a surname bridge drives inside school exam field early the heat of the earth's interior is troubled by. Because be to implement new exam measure first, come round " visit district " the person is very much. The great majority in them is the student that passes a few days to want an examination. According to examinee report, add in 100 meters decrease in blocking this, jeep exam car completes an action harder than Sangdana, and had been in in unilateral bridge project, jeep takes an examination of test-drive to be finished a bit more easily than Sangdana.

A few study government-owned report, in the exam yesterday, examinee psychology compares insecurity generally, they say, examinee must not have overmuch psychological responsibility, although go up to increase somewhat in exam difficulty, but should practice seriously when training only, obtain a driver's license smoothly. The introduction taking an examination of an official of a surname collect, as a result of " 9 anthology 6 " carry out, examinee and trainer are more serious, the examinee before geometric ratio of the examinee speed control on the road, competence rose many.

What according to city car the canal takes an examination of example division introduction, "9 anthology 6 " compare with the exam photograph previously, reaching rules and forms of classical poetic composition to differ is not very big.

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Alleged " 9 choose 6 " exam, 9 increase to await project of exam of the road inside chosen field on the foundation that takes an exam in effective before way namely, specific have through successive obstacle, turn through unilateral bridge, right angle, side square parking space, ascent decides a dot to jockey to start with ramp, speed limit is passed be restricted wide door, 100 meters are added decrease block, rise and fall the road drives, curvilinear travel, among them side square parking space, ascent decides a dot to jockey to start to study a project to need with ramp, other examination project is decided randomly in exam process by the member that take an exam.