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The day before yesterday, 5 first Guangzhou examinee attend " 9 anthology 6 " exam, only 1 is passed. Face take an examination of a driver's license to want to expend time of half an year, make an appointment with a car to practice dragon of great platoon leader, the reality with exam low percent of pass, guangzhou part was driven recently school rolled out close-fitting service for business affairs guest " aristocratic class " , the price is as high as 8000 yuan.

Add one's deceased father drive charge learning a car to increase

Miss Li signed up this year in April learn a car, after who knows, was immersed in " take an examination of about " , " restrict a car " endless await. Had gone to now half an year, miss Li took an examination of written examination only, the car has felt steering wheel 5 times on, experienced car time only 78 hours, even " pour picket " wait for an exercise to also had not undertaken, "Picket is taken an examination of " , " the road is taken an examination of " it is to disappear more.

It is reported, since new " education outline " after rolling out, guangzhou drives the school, workload that practices field, examination room to soar abruptly each, the member that sluggish studies abroad increasingly grow in quantity, take an examination of time to be lengthened subsequently about, hook up the car practices also getting platoon leader a surname. Among them, long-distance training, picket take an examination ofing, road takes an examination of platoon period to want left and right sides of a month respectively, take an examination of about only be about to queue up 3~4 month.

According to introducing, arrive from hill road " 9 anthology 6 " , the difficulty that the road takes an examination of increases gradually, the percent of pass of student increasingly coast. It is difficult to be taken an examination of about originally, jiashangyi and again, again and the make-up examination of 3, "Make-up examination " personnel is discharged by the convention again student is taken an examination of first in front, the agreement of student takes an examination of cycle more lengthen. Crude guess, a student from sign up to obtain a driver's license, successful word also wants above of half an year.

Some drives school coach to divulge, examination room of estimation Guangzhou city also will be taken an examination of at be being added inside year " 9 anthology 6 " . Drive at the appointed time rise of groomed tuitional and affirmative meeting, basis choosing takes an examination of course to reach groom time, at present estimation price is 4300 yuan of ~4800 yuan, exact tuitional value will be announced in the near future.

VIP service accepts favour of business affairs personage

Learn car charge when the river rises the boat goes up too, learn a car to cost longer and longer however. For the business affairs personage of convenient fast rhythm, the part was driven recently officer is technical rolled out special of person specially assigned for a task, within call to learn a car " aristocratic class " , the price is as high as 8000 yuan, it is 2 times what the class learns fare commonner, but the favour that still is learned car personage not less.
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