Heavy rain drive a vehicle is prevented " water is slippery "
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These days, believe many car friend already saw two Hangzhou scholars are in the United States Yindianna the message that the city dies because of traffic accident on the freeway.

According to the report, the United States Yindianna city local time on August 24 before dawn 3 when, the sky falls at that time big rainstorm, the minibus of Xue Folan card that two Hangzhou scholars take loses control in rain, slipped the driveway on, with open barge against of a when come old freight car head on, break up into the channel of highway edge finally, 2 scholars because " the scar that extensive blunt power causes " and die. The Chinese that drives at that time is taught also experience is weighed.

Occupy the foot at the beginning of local police to check, heavy rain makes the seeper on highway achieves 8 inches at that time deep. The side of Xue Folan card that two victims take car, tire skids in seeper, enter the driveway opposite side.

   Freeway policeman reminds

Similar traffic accident is in provincial ever also had happened. Now is season of much hair of typhoon and rainstorm, and other places of stage city, lukewarm city, this paragraph of time often has thunder shower, the sky falls when heavy rain, float of the meeting on road surface wears to shed drifting water, this makes car tire skids extremely easily with directional out of control. These days, the freeway of stage city churchyard often produces bicycle to bump into the accident that protects column. Because this is necessary to remind car friend again, the drive a vehicle in rain adds caution carefully.

Want those who notice is tire to wear away above all degree. If your tire wears away,exceed bid, catchment ability can become poor, car produces sideslip easily and produce risk. Accordingly, want to inspect tire wear out condition more at ordinary times, if tire face wears away already under 3 to 4 millimeter, had better change in time.

Next, the adherent force between wet wheel and road surface (also say to catch soil fertility) can follow speed increase and quick decrescent, very incidental " water slips " , when it reachs certain critical point, the attrition force of tire and ground almost the loss dangers, at that time brake exists in name only, like sailing as going on glacial face. Accordingly, this moment is sure to write down step on brake not urgently or strike steering wheel. Wet drives to put slow speed even, do not want optional overtake and modificatory driveway, travel comes when seeper a section of a highway, should prevent car to appear more " hit water to float " phenomenon.