Air conditioning must not leave immediately after car is started
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How to maintain

System of car air conditioning is in use process, air can evaporate in system of air-blower, refrigeration the flow in the box, urine box of warm wind system and air channel. Should open air-blower of air conditioning system only or circulate choice of the mode that take energy of life indoors, no matter whether use refrigeration device, air will enter afore-mentioned systems. Day of with the passing of time is long, the surface of afore-mentioned device accumulates content of bilge of etc of a lot of dust, moisture, bacterium, can reach the skin to cause to human body respiratory system damage and allergic reaction, affect the health of the member that multiply directly, and itself of air conditioning system still can appear refrigeration effect difference reachs a wind force small wait for breakdown.

Usually every 5000 kilometer or 3 months undertake cleanness to air conditioning filter, every 20 thousand kilometer or 12 months replacing air conditioning filter. Make sure you can enjoy place of relaxed and clean car room core so, ensure your healthy.

How to use

1 . Put steam reopen air conditioning first. If the car is below burning sun park time is longer, air conditioning is not used immediately after car is started. Open all car window first, the outer circulation that start, go to steam eduction, after waiting for the temperature inside railroad car to drop, close car window again, open air conditioning. Do not answer frequent open and shut air conditioning, damage in case air conditioning system.

2. When air conditioning leaving inside the car, the driver does not smoke inside the car. If smoke, move the ventilated control of air conditioning please " outer circulation " the position.

3. Air conditioning time is used to cannot grow too after jockeying. Some cars advocate for cool, close close door window, open air conditioning to rest in the car, bring about chroma of the carbon monoxide inside the car extremely easily so elevatory and toxic.

4. Energy of life is taken in air cannot pile up near the mouth article, be blocked up into gas mouth in case, cause suffocate suffocate of airiness of air conditioning system.

5. In reach destination (jockey) before a few minutes put out air conditioning, later open nature wind, make before jockey the temperature inside air conditioning conduit picks up, eliminate the difference in temperature with the outside, what maintain air conditioning system thereby is relatively dry. Because moisture causes the breed of a large number of mould,avoid.

Need attention

General 1 . 3 litres of above discharge the car of the quantity, air conditioning effect is main possible, but a few 1 rise or 1 promotes the following miniature car, because engine power is little and cause air conditioning effect not ideal, open air conditioning to walk along a paragraph of road to be able to produce water boil phenomenon even, be in especially burning hot hot summer days. Because attune of this summer sky uses the thing that wants an attention,have the following at 2 o'clock:
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