2008 lion run the brigade of develop bound signs up hot
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Differ with activity of previous term or session, 08 lion run the brigade of develop bound offerred the develop bound course with 4 disparate styles: The ground of the ultimate dream of the person that go the llano of Hu Lunbei Er with boreal border, the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau with the Chinese coasting of happy person, changeful relief, boundless scenery. Team of 08 develop group will set foot on which paragraphs of journey after all, will see the alternative of consumer at the appointed time. Besides full see local view, 2008 lion run the brigade of develop bound is market test more physical strength of mental, challenge, reveal the synergic interactive experience at an organic whole. Because this wants to long to challenge the limit only, release passion, organic meeting is driven on lion runs, in wisdom of the agitate on earth of length and breadth of land and potential, create group honor at the same time, harvest the friend of a flock of have a common goal.

Current, 2008 lion run the brigade recruit time of develop bound has not pass half, want to sign up before September 18 only, still have an opportunity! Besides travelling companion of absolutely wide world, beautiful scenery, good friend, believe lion runs the brigade of develop bound still can give you more!

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