2008 lion run the brigade of develop bound signs up hot
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On August 18, east wind Yue is amounted to case inferior " 2008 lion run the brigade of develop bound " start formally, face a brave and strong person of group of develop of whole society recruit. Be full of rich and the mobile circuitry of be concerned about, novel interactive challenge, and the good public praise of activity of previous term or session makes 2008 lion run once the brigade of develop bound rolls out what attracted numerous customer to be participated in eagerly. 2 weeks short time, mobile website clicks a quantity more than 4 million times, 30, 000 much people land thematic website and register individual space, 7, before 000 much people make an appointment, try toward 4S inn drive, there is no lack of among them the enthusiastic consumer of the force that has joined 07 develop group. Superhigh person energy of life has ignited lion to run new round develop bound upsurge.

Lion runs the brigade of develop bound held the first in result of 7 the year's harvest, conquered with its distinctive glamour the media that enters an activity and consumer, dramatic image ground showed the force that many people represent develop group lion runs " mood is farther besides eyeshot " brand marrow, leading passionate develop the way of life of the bound. Sign up in this of the player in registering a space, "Hurry off to sealed and itinerary, lion runs the world of decide the issue of the battle " , " those who walk out of a city is blatant, drive to sit belovedly drive, develop bound is infinite " , " the bound that do not have develop, not elite " , " the heart has many far, the arena of develop bound has how old " oath of bound waiting for develop, reflection of all without exception gives their heart in " challenge ego, develop new state " spirit, and this also perfect reflected lion to run the essence of develop bound.

Amount to as east wind Yue case inferior run for lion what bend force makes is exclusive calling card, "The brigade of develop bound " one of car world great event that had become a lot of consumer to be expected every year at present. From now on second in light of the circumstance that sign up, many participator express to paid close attention to the brigade of the develop bound that lion runs last year, but fail to embark on a journey, hope can organic this year meeting attends. And the favorite of skill of the Ceng Daxian in the activity in 7 years people sign up once more this year, because enjoy the friendship of the results in the excellent performance that lion runs and journey,also be. It is reported, come here to can let more consumer participate in come in second activity, east wind Yue is amounted to case inferior specially held lion to run in nearly 140 countrywide main cities a few days ago make one's rounds exhibits an activity. Should attend make one's rounds to exhibit before September 18 only try to drive or visit east wind Yue to amount to case inferior each 4S inn exhibits trick-cycling, organic meeting and lion run go together develop bound.
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