" antitrust law " , mo Nian of a good classics is crooked
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Applied on August 1 " antitrust of People's Republic of China law " be heated up to fry recently. Tiansan of abundant of Chengdu wide steam and new element inn, bright and beautiful peaceful east 3 annulus inn and combination of inn of Ming Jiawu Hou announce, terminal sale price of Kaimeirui will break manufacturer guidance price, fix a price independently, reason is " comply with the antitrust law that is about to apply, bring consumer real material benefit, market of life of press close to of price allowing a car, press close to " . Inn of 4S of cropland of abundant of these 3 wide steam is held in both hands to be by media " the first person that has crab " .

If inn of 4S of cropland of wide steam abundant releases this news, still be in reason, the businessman always should look for heat topic to fulfil the wish of sales promotion, but professional media makes this report with respect to some " carrying clever dissimulate " . Since appearing on the market from Kaimeirui, when is terminal sale price hundred coach according to manufacturer valence is carried out? Especially since this year, kaimeirui suffers elegant cabinet to pound, countrywide car price lets benefit be in 10 thousand yuan of ~1.5 10 thousand yuan between. That is to say, terminal sale price of Kaimeirui breaks manufacturer guidance price already, from the start and " antitrust law " do not pull on relation.

Write in this news, "Own price action does not include the price of car of triumphant beauty luck that business of car of Chengdu wide abundant rolls out jointly Yalishi FJ cruel Lu Ze, Hanlanda " . If be the self-conscious behavior of car business, so answer " antitrust law " why be confined to Kaimeirui unluckily, and not the new car that just appears on the market Lu Ze, Hanlanda includes the FJ cruel with Yalishi and good sales volume. This is the incite sb to do sth of manufacturer apparently, with " antitrust law " the pretense that makes Kaimeirui depreciate, attract the eyeball of consumer with this.

Be about to apply " antitrust law " it is a law that be late, in market economy mature developed country has similar legislation, apply in China nowadays, it is fill nevertheless blank, it is a favour, also should go from positive point of view to the influence of car line of business look upon.

According to " antitrust law " relevant provision, agency counterpoises the speech that raises terminal price. This will make the sale action of agency more quick, but also buy a venture in what customer added on certain level. If do not have lowest price limit, agency is OK put the terminal price of partial model lowlier, but this be in debt can be certainly on other sale model search, "The bought seed that is inferior to selling " , the businessman is impossible to do losing business. Accordingly, " antitrust law " of the regulation " prohibit operator decides the lowest price to commodity of resale of the 3rd person to trading to be restricted relative to the person " can not be opposite car city generation is how old influence, raised new requirement to the business ability of agency however.
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