The home of loving shift, Aidier II
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To the person of not rare car, the car often acts the part of the domestic ” with small “ , invite on the friend goes row, build a space that belongs to oneself. Special in house price still below so high case, buy a car that admire in the heart, to pursuit vogue and fresh young gens, what should come truely than buying a house is much.
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So, the domestic ” with the mobile “ in youth eye, what kind of be after all? Go up in the price should not exorbitant, become a burden otherwise, 50 thousand right-and-left price, it is more recipient. Besides, exterior must enough cruel is quite fashionable, attract oneself to also draw the look of others. In the meantime, act on inside and outside to hold repaired principle concurrently, the domestic ” with this mobile “ should live to go to the lavatory, and comfortable. So, this car must performance is superior, and interior space also wants enough big, cannot those who depress inconvenience is drive by experience. Chang He loves Dill II is a such delicate car.

The Aidier that designs inspiration to come from a leaf II, the exterior is permeated with motion and green breath, have clever energy of life quite, leave to go up in the road also extraordinary. Europe wind new fighting spirit designs the grille before the enlarge of the characteristic, group of the headlight before the brand-new and ablaze brilliant with sharp together with is gotten, the characteristic of the face before making is bright and marked; Brand-new headlight increased glow acreage, raised cost of intensity of illumination, drive a vehicle is safer. Brand-new hind combine the lamp, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, color is more harmonious. The fog lamp after the circle, cooperate flawless with integral modelling, illume function also gets promotion. From the point of the exterior, very the requirement that accords with vogue of the youth is small to “ ” , individual character.

And respecting function, must allude the K14B engine that Ⅱ carries Aidier. This engine applies successfully on the Big Dipper of Chang Heling wood, small-sized car produces timber of bell of Japan of agglomeration of the “ that be called the engine ” of experience. It uses design of cylinder body of completely aluminous component, thin wall, power of the biggest output amounts to 91 horsepower, the biggest torque is 112N•m/4000rpm, the fast oil bad news such as 60km/h and 90km/h mixes 5.5 litres for 4.3 litres. Excellent dynamical performance needs low oily cost to exchange only, economy substantial, it is a of the life significant demand.

The interior that enters this fashionable “ is small ” looks around, the space that can discover it exceeds imagination. Most those who make a person impressive is, it has superhigh roof contour line, the Gao Ding of 1670mm, present a space inside unprecedented capacious car, let a person believe this is a small litter only hard. Although,car appearance looks not quite, but feel without the depression however inside. In the meantime, its seat can be adjusted neatly, appear very close. The desk and chair of 3 kinds of forms is adjusted, distinct effect can be produced below different use environment, rise greatly thereby by, store the convenient sex of content and practical. The back of a chair of back row seat of II returns Aidier can with 50:50 scale retreat is inclined, the space of backlash because this will be more abundant, the passenger's intimacy also is strengthened subsequently. Have such large space, host develops imagination as far as possible, those who belong to him style make decorate inside the car, dress up it more like Home “ ” .
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