Consumption tax or will get on tone entrance car to whether rise to still do not
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As we have learned, consumption tax of this round of car adjusts concentration to be 3 litres to reach 4 litres in platoon quantity, and the old car discharging an amount of 4 litres of above. Among them, platoon quantity is in 3 litres with 4 litres of models between, tax rate general from before 14% adjust to 25% , the platoon measures the model in 4 litres of above, tax rate general from before 20% on move to 40% . Press this extent computation, the price of the BMW 745Li that platoon of a 4.5L measures will 1.6 million yuan of or so rocket from now reach 1.9 million yuan, and Leikesasi's LS600HL5.0ECVT is exalted lengthen edition will rise 2.111 million yuan by 1.598 million yuan, fully tower above 513 thousand yuan

Sale of the old car that discharge an amount won't have too big effect

Consume the attune on tax rate, can you affect the sales volume of the old car that discharge an amount? Come from the statistical number of customs total office to show, chinese entrance car grows impetus first half of the year driving, amplitude of entrance of the old car that discharge an amount is breathtaking. The car of 3 litres of above occupies a car to import gross 4 into above, the entrance of high-grade and cross-country car of 3 litres of above measures the half above that occupies gross of congener entrance model.

Run quickly to can canning afford 10 thousand yuan about a hundred, for the consumer of BMW car, car price rises they are likely won't too care about, can not affect its to sell, what can can afford these luxury to become a kind of identity instead is indicative. Although taking the advantage of this big platoon to measure a car to rise in price,many car business had begun corner car stealthily, preparation is in consumption tax is new politics the high price after be being executed formally sells piece, earn among them price difference; But this also is a few brands with be sold better at ordinary times and model, for instance Leikesasi, BMW, run quickly etc. Use consumptive market to continue to pull, a few brands hit out actively still, increased favourable extent and promotion strength to attract consumer to be bought ahead of schedule.

To 300 thousand - the entrance car of 400 thousand yuan of price, unfavorable situation is very awkward however. Want to buy so 300 thousand - 400 thousand yuan of consumer that import a model, be adjusted because of consumption tax and increase 40 thousand - 60 thousand yuan of right-and-left charge can make them careful be calculated one time, do not eliminate to have the possibility of high-grade model in one part consumer can turn and be being bought. And want to buy the person that discharged capacity vehicle greatly to be able to change small volume in buying, reach the goal of energy-saving environmental protection.

Popular model begins stealthily store up goods

The author understands into buccal car city from Shanghai, the privilege of a lot of brands has begun shrink, a few brands began to increase price even. Before paragraph Kesasiduo plants time thunder the model has tens of thousands of yuan privilege, favourable now extent also decreases entirely. Among them, the ES that favourable before extent exceeds 30 thousand yuan is favourable now shrink reach 15 thousand yuan, and depreciate the LS460 that is as high as 80 thousand yuan yields benefit now only 30 thousand yuan. Way fighting spirit, entrance is stridden vacate the price privilege that there all are 20 thousand yuan before, already sold according to official price entirely now.
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