Contrast checks CTS BMW 325I IS3000
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The costly sports car that respecting controls 400 thousand yuan, the likelihood that thinks of above all is BMW 325i; But as brand-new of CTS appear on the market, market of ” of car of domestic “ luxurious motile also warms up gradually because of its affiliation, calculate on Leikesasi IS300, cars of these 3 a person of extraordinary powers that come from Germany, United States and Japan do not have local color one time.

Each dimension is more than CTS automobile body additional two models

Kaidilake CTS

3 models are respective motion and luxurious and idiosyncratic model emphasize below the brand, the 2nd acting CTS withheld the knife with peculiar place of automobile body of ” of cut of diamond of “ of old money model to cut the line like, low automobile body cooperates taller lumbar line and car window, be about to compare general model soon more “ stocky ” ; BMW 325i exterior continued the 3 designs that fasten model of the Five Dynasties; Leikesasi line of IS300 automobile body is fluent, strong sense is strong before wedge automobile body, lesser road clearance cooperates large size tire, give person “ inherent ” the sense of photograph of a pair of racing bike.

BMW 325i

CTS is Kaidilake first car of diamond cut style, also be the precursory model of platform of the drive after Kaidilake is used afresh. The size of this car is very large, had surmounted car of level of a few administration, the car friend that because this is very much,does not know CTS is very difficult its and BMW 3 connection rise. In fact when Kaidilake develops CTS at the outset, be aimed at BMW completely namely 3 and come, it is pure the design that motion changes appeals to beg, also with BMW 3 be exactly the same. Regard the United States as the luxurious brand of the department, what it uses is with larger size and bigger platoon the capacity gains competitive advantage.

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