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We once shared triumphal joyance and joy together with Liu Xiang, we should partake together with him today the sadness that the setback brings. After Liu Xiang quits game, numerous and well-known public figure the rich a person engaged in some particular pursuit that renews oneself for a short while, express to support to this one decision of Liu Xiang, think to understand Liu Xiang exit this, it is us promotion of spirit of entire nation sports. Everybody also blesses Liu Xiang to be hurt at an early date at the same time more, create again brilliant.

The Olympic Games loses the most dazzling star

Olympic Games of 18 days of Beijing lost a the most dazzling star. The Olympic Games Liu Xiang of 110 meters of person that column defends crown quits game because of the injury, he still spans without the opportunity even first column wearing, go out cloudily in the first round bureau.

The competition of Liu Xiang and Luo Baisi of player of Cuba of world record holder should be the one large window in match of track and field originally, after Dan Liuxiang leaves, the match of this project becomes so not important it seems that.

England " defend a newspaper "

What Chinese vermicelli made from bean starch cannot envisage is catastrophic

The vermicelli made from bean starch that this is a China people the disaster that cannot envisage. Liu Xiang, chinese Jin Tong, this is bearing the weight of the athlete that the whole nation seizes Jin Xiwang on field of track and field, because hurt,game is quited in preliminary contest of 110 meters of column.

Disappear after the 4 paces that the expectation that lasts 4 years can step only in Liu Xiang without footprint. Liu Xiang is holding his leg in the arms before the first column is worn, taking lachrymal light to leave stadium.

The United States " Christian scientific admonition signs up for "

Li Chengpeng

1.3 billion pressure is carried on the back in Liu Xiang

The number that sees the back on Liu Xiang body: 1356, 1.3 billion person, 56 nations, back of this pressure all is on his back, only we just can have ability so. We value certain thing too, we do not value certain thing too, some Chinese always are willing to regard the athlete as gold machine, actually they know sports far from, liu Xiang has a qualification to quit game you can be checked new " labor law " .
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