Brandish scatters Olympic Games passion, happy try drive Ao Di
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Very interesting is R8 be in China appear on the market time and my birthday is a day, although I have no favour to saw the elegant demeanour of R8 that day, but the arrangement of the destiny lets us be in golden harbor meet by chance. It is whole one day tries the driven model that press an axis, it is this bit without doubt, as whole the editor that easy car network feels Ao Di R8 the first times, what my mood appeared not to see more is excited. Although sponsor also just can not let me finally sit on driver's seat to run on two rounds, but wide from taken feeling I experienced Ao Di again to how is racing bike defined.

Also had played the experience of a few circuit before, but this second carsick medicine and earplug include actually inside the standing goods that gets when sign in, see the exciting rate of this second experience activity especially. But this to me such test-drive is again good really for the editor the business that does not pass, and the regret with only full-court fails to control truly namely R8, also can place the hope in in the future evaluation only.

To experience the racing bike of Ao Di R8 is characteristic adequately, what Ao Di's coaches of the person of the same trade took out total capability to let R8 of our ask advice is fierce, side direction acceleration, irruptive etc average car can not achieve the main apply the brake that rise. What racing bike of filling oil, temper should have is neat, speed does not have too much change it seems that, the Quattro that depends on Ao Di holds the ground firmly, gallop skip over one another turn, this kind of feeling ended very quickly, in casual an experience of circuit so went. R8 is the marrow that Ao Di comes to for years, the buy in engine is carbon fiber everywhere, that lets a person of lose one's mind before headlight imposing manner, the talented person that has felt only can understand what is super racing bike.

Q7 and A6L are same, although compared with other and luxurious domestic while is entered for cross-country car opposite later, but also win a lot of people however love, the photograph of its streamline modelling and the figure of young tiger bold and Ao Di clue links the faithful user that brought up a lot of Q7. The 4 drive edition that the Q7 that sells on the market at present basically rises with V8 4.2 is given priority to.
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