Guangzhou city Cheng is connected drive groom center
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For the competitive times of ceaseless development, we have 7 large dominant positions, good, we are done weller!

Guangzhou learns a car to be connected to Cheng of course, perfect education drives the school
1: All attending class exam, all can receive send. The member that have Cheng Rangxue of ten minutes of cars only from Cen Cun is OK more convenient, be relaxed! After getting a driver's license, can continue to learn a car;
2: Ask many senior coach to coach personally especially, guarantee the safety of student and education absolutely;
3: Time learning a car is very stretch, arrange optional combination along with you, appropriate each student taste;
4: Use nimble to amount to car education, let student have easy education environment, available air equipment is installed inside the car, the winter warms Xia Liang can make you more absorption learn a car;
5: Photograph comparing is other groom service quality of the center more get the better of one prepare, affirmatory sincerity serves, with ceremony acting person, do ethos of academic be used to to let you more be at ease, assure to take an examination of a driving licence, discharge your trouble back at home;
6: The driving licence whole nation of place pass an entrance examination is current, the driver's license can turn at any time the seat that answers you;
7: The exam is expended tuition is one-time total package, hand in no longer absolutely later collect any fee.

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